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Internetstores Keeps Existing Customers Successfully Engaged with Email Marketing

Selling to existing customers is most profitable: they do not have to be advertised to at a high cost and serve as basis for growth. Nevertheless, existing customers are only open to regular sales when consistently presented with new and tempting offers. E-commerce company internetstores GmbH wanted to better communicate its offers and boost its existing customer business, and looked for a partner to manage the technical implementation of improving its customer dialogue.



  • Customers are typically in different stages of the customer lifecycle, and cannot all be served the same content at the same time
  • Wide range of online shops, which resulted in different types of customers each with their own individual interests
  • Necessity to automate the processes involved in creation and mailing, and to adapt the content to the growing number of mobile customers.


  • Cross-Channel Marketing with Oracle Responsys


  • Increase of sales with existing customers by 140%
  • Significant increase of opening and click-through rates 

“With Oracle Responsys, we can target and individually control the number of emails we send. Every customer gets as much mail as he or she wants”

Thomas Sprengler | Director of CRM | Internetstores GmbH


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