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Lenovo Orchestrates Messages Across Channels to Drive Engagement

Lenovo’s digital marketing team is embracing Modern Marketing to build one-to-one relationships that strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty. Until recently, Lenovo treated its entire audience the same way, launching mostly mass marketing campaigns. Today, things have changed—thanks to Oracle Marketing Cloud.


  • Cater to millions of unique consumers
  • Speak to customers in a more targeted way
  • Replace linear marketing campaigns with a highly personalized customer experience


  • Cross-channel marketing


  • Generated 124 times more revenue with Notify Me emails than with promotional messages.
  • Achieved a 65% open rate in the Notify Me campaign.
  • Achieved a 61% click through rate in the Notify Me campaign.

“There are a lot of platforms that can do email, there are platforms that can do display, but having separate platforms really makes it difficult to bring a consistency in the message and who you are delivering it to. With Oracle, we have that single view of our customers.”

Jennifer Downes | Director of Response Marketing, Lenovo


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