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Micro Focus

Micro Focus Goes Viral and Doubles Marketing's Contribution to Pipeline

Engaging conversations with increasingly educated customers using relevant, informative, and entertaining content - this is the Micro Focus vision for “Smarter digital marketing.” To make this happen, the company needed to regroup the sales and marketing efforts under a central technology stack that could facilitate campaign rollout and monitoring across all channels and segments.


  • Too many marketing platforms to manage internally with ageing data and unreliable analytics
  • Lack of market awareness of the Micro Focus brand
  • Better internal collaboration between sales and marketing


  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Prospect profiling
  • Engagement templates


  • Increased marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline by 200%.
  • Strengthened relationships—both internally and externally—with customers and partners.
  • Achieved 100,000 hashtag impressions on the IBM Mainframe 50th Anniversary campaign.

“Marketing contribution to the sales pipeline has doubled in just three years. Oracle Marketing Cloud allows us to put precise metrics behind everything we do so we can maximize our efforts. Reporting always keeps our sales teams up-to-date with what worked and what failed to deliver business results.”

Mark Plant | Director of Marketing Operations, Micro Focus

Micro Focus

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