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Success Stories


MoneySuperMarket Achieves an Immediate Increase in ROAS

Like most other large-scale marketers, MoneySuperMarket knew a lot about their audience. But until recently, they were unable to turn insights into marketing action on a regular basis. They knew they needed to better leverage their audience intelligence from offline data, online site data, and search keywords to drive immediate targeting and results from their digital efforts.



  • Taking effective action on insights about the audience
  • Making better use of online, offline, and search keyword data
  • Getting faster, better results from digital efforts


  • Data management and activation


  • Drove an immediate 33% increase in attributed revenue versus spend.
  • Built a custom data classification that includes 2,000 targeting attributes.

“I cannot be more pleased with the innovative platform capabilities, the data marketing know-how, and the forward-thinking strategies that come with the brand. Big data marketing is a competitive asset and I look forward to extending the use of the solution in every area of our business to drive more return from our marketing dollars.”

Darren Bentley | Head of Performance Media, MoneySuperMarket


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