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Success Stories


Morningstar Produces More Qualified Leads with Oracle Marketing Cloud 


Morningstar employs Oracle Marketing Cloud to effectively track campaigns and accurately target the highest quality leads from a contact base of over 3 million. This facilitated a swift transition from mass communications to 1:1 correspondences.



  • Realign the sales and marketing teams’ goals
  • Automate the lead management process  
  • Streamline customers’ buying journeys


  • Targeting and segmentation 
  • Lead management
  • Campaign management


  • Achieved 300 percent increase in open click rates and 500 percent in click-through rates 
  • Reduced unsubscribes by 60 percent
  • Increased Q4OQ4 high-quality lead volume by 1,602 percent, and YOY by 158 percent 

“Of the quality leads that’s we’ve sent over from 2015-2016, we’ve seen a 154% increase in year over year, quality leads. Really nobody has that flexibility and that scalability that Eloqua does.”

Kimberly Dazey | Marketing Manager - Lead Nurture | Morningstar


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