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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Fisher Science Education Uses Marketing Automation to Grow Customer Base

Discerning the needs of a micro-segmented customer base requires access to better metrics faster. Thermo Fisher Science Education came to this realization when subscription rates of its customer publication, Headline Discoveries, plateaued and content development along with printing and distribution costs became prohibitive. So the company decided to invest in a digital marketing automation solution.



  • Expanding the reach of a successful customer-facing publication
  • Profiling publication readers to deliver more targeted content
  • Tracking publication ROI


  • Content marketing
  • Data management
  • Progressive profiling


  • Increased email subscriber opt-in rate by 55%.
  • Grew annual revenue by 7.5% compared with 0% to 2% competitor growth.
  • Gained a reputation with suppliers as the leading marketer in the industry.
Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher Science Education increased email subscription opt-in rate by 55% with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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