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Ticket Retailer

Ticket Retailer Optimizes Paid Search to Reach More Customers

A U.S. ticket retailer aimed to increase customer acquisition and overall sales—a difficult task, considering they already led the marketplace. The retailer identified paid search as their main catalyst for driving sales, and wanted to make the marketing channel more efficient. They needed a way to optimize their paid search so they could reach their customers and prospects at the right time, and with the right message.


  • Retain more customers in a tight market
  • Lower the cost of acquiring new customers
  • Tap the full potential of paid search for reaching the right customers and prospects


  • Oracle Marketing Cloud


  • 76% increase in conversion rate.
  • 20% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA).
  • Justification for increasing SEM budgets to impact business performance.

"Ticket retailer aimed to increase customer acquisition and overall sales using paid search as their main catalyst."

Ticket retailer

Ticket Retailer

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