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Trend Micro

Trend Micro’s Trigger-Based Marketing Boosts Revenue and Renewals

To avoid customers jumping ship to competitors and build a more thorough understanding of customer behaviour, Trend Micro needed to utilise intelligent, targeted, and creative marketing. Trend Micro was tasked with finding a solution to build a customer engagement strategy from scratch.


  • Lack of customer communications strategy after purchase
  • Disconnect between customer data and technology
  • Limited personalisation


  • Trigger-based marketing
  • Modular template designs
  • Responsive email format


  • 63% increase in click through rate.
  • 46.54% renewal conversions.
  • 54% increase in email revenue with engaged customers. 
Trend Micro

A global leader in IT security, Trend Micro has shown a 54% uplift in revenue where a customer is engaged with its email communication.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro

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