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Life Sciences

Industry Marketing

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Life Sciences

Personalize Life Sciences Communications for Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Devices

Life sciences marketers in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturing need to reach many complex audiences. Modern Marketers in life sciences are delivering personalized messages by channel and influencer, increasing revenue, and reducing costs. They use marketing automation technology and expertise that speaks their language.
Get the 360˚ customer view with Digital Body Language.
Create and send highly personalized communications across all channels. Target and segment dynamically according to audience. Use social, profile, and website data to trigger automated communications for immediate engagement with prescribers, providers, and other healthcare professionals.
Design and deliver 1:1 conversations.
  • Build targeted campaigns to start conversations that build relationships.
  • Achieve 1:1 personalization by truly knowing audiences with marketing automation.
  • Increase engagement with integrated content marketing personalized by persona.
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Four Perspectives That Help Build Business Advantage

See how to join the elite group of Life Sciences companies achieving sustained growth.


Empower sales to effectively engage.

Give sales the tools to effectively engage targeted healthcare professionals (HCPs) with relevant talking points based on Digital Body Language, send approved emails, and trigger automated follow up.
Campaign Templates
Taking advantage of prebuilt life science blueprint templates to get started fast.
  • Use basic templates that include layout and formatting ready for your copy and graphics.
  • Launch new campaigns in days not weeks using secure and compliant practices.
  • Adapt prebuilt life sciences templates for Live Medical Events, Digital Medical Events, eDetailing, and Formulary with emails, dynamic content, and landing pages based on best practices.
Personalizing life sciences communications with tailored messages across channels.
  • Send relevant messages across email, web, mobile, display, and social.
  • Deliver content in context to increase engagement at all stages.
  • Develop authentic 1:1 relationships with customers.
  • Nurture with a steady stream of personalized communications.
  • Attract new customers while cultivating long-term loyalty and revenue.
  • Send push notifications across devices using email, SMS, display, and more.
Aligning life sciences audience interests with the information they require.
  • Automatically create and manage comprehensive activity profiles for any individual that visits your website, receives an email, or gets uploaded to your database.
  • Summarize digital behavioral data in multiple ways according to audience by persona.
  • Deliver specific campaigns based on profiles and common behaviors.
  • Track responses to specific campaigns and align interests to content.
Data Management and Actvation
Applying powerful data taxonomies specifically tailored to target life sciences prospects and customers.
  • Connect first-party data you’ve collected, second-party or partner shared data, and third-party data gleaned from external providers on a data management platform (DMP).
  • Unify data sets with enterprise data from sales transactions, CRM, and commerce systems.
  • Activate your data to support your campaigns for dramatic improvements in relevance and value across every channel and touch point.
Analytics and Dashboard
Putting powerful reporting and website analytics at a marketer’s fingertips.
  • Take advantage of reports and dashboards, web analytics, campaign performance, and email revenue calculator.
  • Share valuable information on easy-to-understand dashboards that quickly assess the impact of marketing efforts.
  • Track how marketing efforts are driving engagement and ultimately revenue.
  • Produce high-level dashboards and drill into specific details by campaign.
Modern Marketing Success
Achieving successful life sciences marketing implementation and rapid time to value.
  • Use our innovative methodology that accelerates the success of your implementation.
  • Ensure synchronization with your CRM database, forms and tracking are on, and your segmentation and prioritization are up and running.
  • Rely on a team of knowledgeable experts in life sciences marketing, marketing automation, implementation, and pharmaceutical campaigns.
  • Expand your understanding of marketing best practices and more with education and certification programs.
  • Join our Topliners community to collaborate online with thousands of Modern Marketers.
  • Connect in person to share best practices at our road shows, conferences, and local events.

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Healthcare Providers

Promote stakeholder awareness, improve patient and physician engagement, and support compliance and audit needs while increasing revenue. 


Navigating the New Prescriber's Path

Pharmaceutical companies are trying to forge new relationships and are looking for the right marketing tools to help them do it.

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Traditional Marketing and the Pharmaceutical Market

Pharmaceutical companies market directly to consumers and healthcare professionals, as both groups have much easier access to all of the relevant drug safety and effectiveness information directly from the web.

Life Sciences

Invacare Australia Boosts Engagement, Cuts Costs, and Increases Leads 100%

Invacare Australia achieved higher audience engagement through a marketing automation solution that markets more directly to customers.

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Life Sciences

DENTSPLY Builds Product Buzz Through Social Media Channels

DENTSPLY International Inc. leveraged social media channels to increase its Facebook audience and build engagement for a key product with its target audience of dental students and alumni.

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Life Sciences
Jackson Healthcare

Jackson Healthcare Builds the Right Relationships Through Lead Nurturing

When Jackson Healthcare launched a strategic nurturing campaign with a give-more-than-ask philosophy, it deepened relationships with key constituents, increased awareness of community health issues, and shared stories of how hospital programs are positively impacting the underserved.

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