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Oracle Marketing Cloud DMP

Data Management Platform

Data at the Center of Great Marketing

Transform Your Data Into Actionable Audiences with Oracle BlueKai

Oracle Data Management Platform (Oracle DMP) — powered by the expertise and technology of Oracle BlueKai — turns insights into action. Here’s how.
Audience Data Management
In one consolidated view, marketers can access all of their marketing data to build and refine key target audiences for numerous campaign scenarios. This includes:
  • 1st Party Data: Basically, your data — what you collect on proprietary assets, or contained in enterprise systems.
  • 2nd Party Data: Someone else's first-party data, often shared with you by another company in a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • 3rd Party Data: Consolidated from websites and social media platforms other than your own, pre-integrated into the platform.
Audience Data Marketplace
With more than 30 branded data providers for 3rd party data, marketers have access to nearly 700 million anonymous customer profiles and 40,000 data attributes. Oracle DMP can power the activation of all of this marketplace data. And Oracle DMP is powered by Oracle Data Cloud, so data from retail through to paid segments can be accessed, in real-time, at global scale.
Data Activation through Oracle Marketing Cloud
The Oracle DMP is integrated with our Oracle Responsys, Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management platforms to allow for immediate cross-channel benefits.
Data Activation through Media & Advertising Partners
The Oracle DMP has pre-integrated partnerships with leading global media and advertising partners to provide a truly agnostic opportunity to use Oracle DMP. Marketers have the ability to target audiences across channels, and can do so immediately through numerous activation partnerships from Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to publishers.
Audience Analytics
The Oracle DMP provides a visualized analytics experience to allow marketers the ability to analyze and predict success based on the data they’ve selected and audiences targeted.


Connect Identities across Disparate Marketing Channels and Devices to One Person

The ID Graph seamlessly pulls together the many IDs across marketing channels and devices that comprise a given person, enabling marketers to tie their interactions to an actionable, customer profile. This ID enables the marketer to orchestrate a relevant, personalized experience for each individual across marketing channels.

Improve Your Access to Additional Partners Integrations with App Partner Self-Service Portal: Data Delivery

Using the App Partner Self-Service Portal, marketers and their media partners can control the Oracle DMP integration process.  This is critical for data management platform clients, providing access to more ecosystem partners and choices. Now, DMP client's media partners can build out their own custom integrations with the Oracle DMP based on their unique needs and timelines.  The partner controls the execution of the integration between the platforms, enabling the DMP to then deliver data for client activation.

Pinpoint the Right Customer with Match Multiplier

Using Match Multiplier, marketers can target previously unknown prospects by adding their known customer IDs such as email addresses to a wider pool of anonymous IDs. By creating a larger combined audience, marketers and advertisers can target a wider range of prospects with relevant messaging, products and services and grow their acquisition base effectively. This also provides the ability to identify target audiences across multiple channels and devices. Match Multiplier is currently in controlled availability and in the United States before getting rolled out to global markets.

Optimizing the Customer Experience with On-Demand On-Board for Web Analytics

The new analytics capabilities and integrations give marketers a more complete view of the customer and support enhanced segmentation and targeting capabilities.  This provides additional behavioral insights from leading enterprise Web analytics platforms that help marketers optimize the customer experience and increase conversion rates by delivering more relevant and timely marketing messages.

Look-Alike Modeling makes finding Customers Easy and Scalable

Marketers can now model their best customers and converters to gain reach & efficiency. The Oracle DMP creates reach based on 1st party data and qualifies prospects based on behaviors, interests, etc. With Lookalike Modeling, these email or lead-gen marketers can take those important segments, and send them to the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP). There, the Oracle DMP will build an audience based on additional 3rd party data sets that “look just like” those best, known customers.



Dell Improves Customer Pipeline and Ad Spend with Look-Alike Modeling

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CSC Drives Deeper Customer and Prospect Dialogs with Oracle

CSC uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to create a deeper dialog with customers and prospects for nurture and conversion using better data, detailed personas, and consistent methods throughout the lifecycle.

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