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Data Management Platform

Data at the Center of Great Marketing

Transform Your Data Into Actionable Audiences and Activate It Across Paid Media

Data unification and activation is at the center of every great marketing program’s success. The ability to find, segment and target the right customer at the right time based on their preferences is the cornerstone to delivering value to customers and revenue to marketers. Oracle Data Management Platform (Oracle DMP) — powered by the expertise and technology of Oracle Bluekai — turn insights into action. Here’s how.
Audience Data Management
In one consolidated view, marketers can access all of their marketing data to build and refine key target audiences to use in numerous campaign scenarios. This includes 1st party data, data the marketer collects on proprietary assets – or contained in enterprise systems – and on 3rd party data pre-integrated into the platform, or data purchased from branded providers or lists. Consider The Oracle DMP the central ‘hub’ for managing data from Email, Mobile, Social, Search, Display and Web, for example.
Audience Data Marketplace
With more than 30 branded data providers for 3rd party data, marketers have access to nearly 700 million (and growing globally) anonymous customer profiles and 40,000 (and growing globally) data attributes. The Oracle DMP is a part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, which means that it can power the activation of all of this marketplace data through cross-channel programs and functionality inherent to the Oracle Marketing Cloud. And, the Oracle DMP is powered by the Oracle Data Cloud which means that data from retail through to paid segments can be accessed, in real-time, at global scale.
Data Activation – Through the Oracle Marketing Cloud and Media Partnerships
Oracle Marketing Cloud
As the Oracle DMP is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, integrations are key and cornerstone to delivering the best customer experience, and actionable insights, for our marketing customers. The Oracle DMP is fully integrated with our Responsys, Eloqua and Social Relationship Management platforms to allow for immediate data activation supporting cross-channel marketing campaign success.
Media & Advertising Partners
The Oracle DMP has pre-integrated partnerships with leading media and advertising partners on a global scale to provide a truly agnostic, open opportunity to use Oracle DMP, but not be confined to only one media partner. So, not only do marketers have the ability to target audiences across channels – like search, social and display – but do so immediately through numerous activation partnerships from Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to Publishers.
Audience Analytics
The Oracle DMP provides a visualized analytics experience to allow marketers the ability to analyze and predict success based on the data they’ve selected and audiences targeted. Marketers can see which audiences will drive, or drove, the most revenue. Those audiences can then be further optimized based on spend and budget to drive ultimate campaign success.

Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Data Managment

A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is not a sound tactic—it’s a marketing fruitcake that no one wants to receive. It’s time to get down with data to delight your audience.



Acquire Customers

Create the right audience profile by segmenting based on behaviors, industries and other attributes. Then, activate this data using the Oracle DMP so that new customers can be acquired through display and other paid channels using key opportunities like lookalike modeling.

Largest Ecosystem

Create a unified and revenue-generating customer experience by delivering programs and campaigns through hundreds of Oracle’s media and ads partners. And, because the Oracle DMP is powered by the Oracle Data Cloud, our marketing customers have access to the most complete data marketplace on the globe.

No Silos

By unifying data across multiple systems, marketers can streamline costs and avoid redundant acquisition and targeting strategies. The Oracle DMP is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud which offers unparalleled integration between systems, delivering best in breed results.


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