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Oracle MICROS vs. Toast

Tried, tested, and trusted to be there when you need us most, Oracle MICROS Simphony helps businesses like yours improve their speed of service by 40% while reducing customer wait times by 50%. If you need to pivot and enable delivery or activate new channels fast, Simphony is here to help.

Oracle MICROS vs. Toast


Pricing & Costs

Affordable Flexibility
  • Flexibility in choosing your credit card processing provider.
  • Open and transparent pricing structure: $55 per terminal a month. No hidden fees.
  • Industry-leading point-of-sale workstation for just $1 with every license. Seriously, $1.
Expensive and Unpredictable Ongoing Costs
  • Mandated use of Toast proprietary card processing.
  • Complex and confusing pricing model: $79 per terminal a month plus a charge per transaction.
  • Hardware bundle starts at $899.


Built For Easy Setup & Expansion
  • Cut IT complexity, open new outlets, and make changes fast. Update systems at the click of a button.
  • Introduce new menus, service channels, and promotions instantly.
  • Modern flexible UI, terminals are plugged in, switched on, connected to the cloud, and ready for work.
Limited Options for Express Setup
  • Only limited-service restaurants can use the Express setup option. Lack of flexibility to modify screen layouts.
  • Menu management solution not suitable for drive-thru.
  • Inflexible user interface.

Hardware Options

Stylish, Reliable Tablets & Terminals
  • Diverse portfolio offering standard, compact and mobile POS built to withstand heat, spills, drops, heavy use.
  • Rugged industry-leading devices, support all OS.
Limited Durability
  • Consumer-grade technology.
  • Only support Android OS for ordering.


Robust API and Partner Ecosystem
  • Online ordering and delivery service integrations centralize in-house and off-premises operations.
  • Open API architecture and robust ecosystem.
  • Tap into the best solution for your specific business objectives, operating model, and culture.
Diminishing and Expensive Ecosystem
  • Integrations are expensive for both partners and customers.
  • Partners pay initial one-time payment of $500 plus 30% of ongoing revenue in perpetuity.
  • According to Reforming Retail, “every Toast customer will now be paying substantially more for third party solutions simply because they happened to choose Toast for their POS.”


Fully Owned, Secure Tech Stack
  • Central data repositories stored within Oracle’s world-class security infrastructure.
  • Supporting 200,000 customer locations around the world and process 6 trillion transactions annually.
  • Full reporting and analytics suite included.
Data Storage Security Issues
  • Relies on 3rd party infrastructure and security.
  • No global offering or support for international tax and language coverage.
  • Lacks highly detailed reporting.


Global 365/24/7 Support
  • Local full language support.
  • Open and transparent coverage with no hidden charges.
Limited Support Options
  • No local on-site support.
  • Unpredictable charges until you receive your monthly statement and unbundle card processing fees.

Pricing: Oracle MICROS vs Toast

Our competitively priced restaurant POS systems turn every customer touchpoint into practical insights on key business analytics. Whether you’re trying to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve the overall customer experience, strengthen security, or create a plan for growth, Oracle MICROS Simphony delivers the controls and capabilities you need to be successful.