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Oracle MICROS vs. Zonal

Oracle MICROS Simphony was recently voted the Best ePOS supplier in Restaurant Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award 2020. As a true cloud-based solution, Oracle MICROS Simphony helps businesses like yours improve their speed of service by 40% while reducing customer wait times by 50%. If you need to pivot and enable delivery or activate new channels fast, Simphony is here to help.

Oracle MICROS vs. Zonal

On-Premises Based Solutions like Zonal

Pricing & Costs

Affordable Flexibility
  • 70 percent of executives said that implementing cloud technology helped them reduce costs.
  • Quarterly flat fee.
  • Reduced amount of IT hardware and resources needed for each location compared to on-premises.
Expensive Long-Term Costs
  • Lack of flexibility to choose credit card processing providers. Transaction fees can mount quickly.
  • Support services are required for menu updates and changes.
  • Additional hardware and support required with a physical server at each site.


Built For Easy Setup & Expansion
  • Cut IT complexity, open new outlets, and make changes faster.
  • Introduce new menus and promotions instantly.
  • Terminals are plugged in, switched on, and connected to a system in the cloud that’s ready for work.
Complex and Costly
  • Roll-out programs can be lengthy and expensive with on-site resources.
  • Installation, upgrades or improvements involve sending a consultant to each and every location.
  • Add-on modules can incur additional fees and require additional support coverage.

Software Features

All-In-One Out of the Box
  • Control every point-of-sale (POS) terminal, manager’s workstation, kitchen system, and connected mobile device from a single central office.
  • Receive upgrades regularly and consistently to take full quick advantage of new functionality.
  • Instantly access data from every location in real time, and see exactly what is happening across the enterprise at any given moment.
Costly Manual Updates Required
  • Expensive add-ons can be required for basic configuration and menu management.
  • Mobile offerings are often not true POS terminals with order-only functionality on consumer grade devices.
  • Software upgrades for new features can be chargeable and require manual consulting effort.

Hardware Options

Stylish, Reliable Tablets & Terminals
  • Diverse portfolio offering standard, compact and mobile POS built to withstand heat, spills, drops, heavy use.
  • No onsite servers required.
  • Rugged industry standard devices featuring the best in processing power, speed, reliability, and security.
Limited Durability
  • Often workstations are designed and developed with a partner rather than in-house.
  • Each location requires an on-site server.
  • Mobile solution requires consumer devices which are prone to theft, security issues, and damage.


Robust API and Partner Ecosystem
  • Online ordering and delivery service integrations centralize in-house and off-premises operations for a clear overall view.
  • Open API architecture and robust ecosystem.
  • Unlimited room for innovation.
Closed Ecosystem, Limited Offerings
  • Often limited to standard partner integrations with basic features making it hard to maintain changes.
  • Many offer only closed API’s with nominated partners.
  • Little room for innovation.


Fully Owned, Secure Tech Stack
  • Central data repositories stored within world-class security infrastructure.
  • Supporting 200,000 customer locations around the world and process 6 trillion transactions annually.
  • Full reporting and analytics suite included. Secure online access, anytime, anywhere.
Data Storage Security Issues
  • Data stored at site level can be open to breaches and attacks.
  • Many lack in-house integrated reporting tools making data hard to access and tricky to manipulate as required.
  • Data stored locally.


Global 365/24/7 Support
  • Local support 24 x 7.
  • Open and transparent coverage with no hidden charges.
  • Cost effective coverage.
Limited Local-Only Support Options
  • Many only offer local time zone support in office hours.
  • Often each module requires additional support coverage.
  • Onsite support required for changes making ongoing support expensive.

Pricing: Oracle MICROS vs Zonal

Your team needs to focus on running your business, not IT. That’s why we’ve built Oracle MICROS Simphony POS Systems to complement how your teams work, making our technology a natural part of their day-to-day, whether they are taking orders or preparing them. Behind our easy-to-use interface is a powerful and industry-tested software solution that takes every touchpoint and turns it into practical insight on key business analytics to help you achieve your business goals. Whether that’s reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving performance and the overall customer experience, or creating a plan for growth, we give you the controls and insights you need to be successful.