Oceanworks tracks shore-to-shelf sustainable materials with Oracle Cloud

The online marketplace for recycled plastic materials helps stop ocean plastic pollution by bringing transparency and traceability to the journey of recycled plastic.


Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace helps us stop ocean plastic pollution by making it easy for our customers to source, authenticate, and track sustainable materials. In addition, it has allowed us to provide transparency, trust, visibility, and the ability to tell a great sustainability story.

Paul CheekCTO, Oceanworks

Business challenges


Founded in 2016, Oceanworks is a Plastic Action Platform that attempts to make it easy to stop ocean plastic pollution. Through a global network of collectors and recycled plastic suppliers, Oceanworks enables brands to measure their plastic footprint, fund plastic waste removal, find sustainable alternatives, and track supply chains from shore to shelf.

Oceanworks’ customers—socially responsible global brands—wish to demonstrate to consumers that they contribute to a cleaner environment by using plastic extracted from the world’s oceans to manufacture products.

Aiming to improve the supply chain transparency of recycled ocean plastic, Oceanworks required a track-and-trace solution that would capture the provenance of the recycled plastic and track its authenticity through the entire supply chain—including collection, aggregation, processing, manufacturing, and distribution. The organization sought to capture and correlate relevant provenance data and documentation across multiple parties. It wanted a product that would offer an option for providing data via APIs, as well as via a mobile phone application or file upload.

Oceanworks also hoped to certify material authenticity for eco-friendly brands, proving that the plastic they were purchasing was exclusively recovered from oceans.

With Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, Oceanworks enables customers to track the recycled plastic by lot or batch number as it moves through the entire supply chain from origin to distribution.

Why Oceanworks chose Oracle

Part of the Oracle for Startups program, Oceanworks already hosted its custom order tracking application, as well as APIs, on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The organization was convinced by the capabilities demonstrated by Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, a purpose-built solution that would provide the value Oceanworks was looking for more quickly and cost effectively than a custom application.


Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace supports the Oceanworks mission to track recycled material across the shore-to-shelf journey at the lot level, thus helping to remove plastic debris from oceans across six continents.

Using blockchain technology, Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace records authenticated, immutable transactions from its marketplace partners to a secure distributed ledger. Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace ensures that all data—including where and when the plastic was collected, by whom it was processed into commercial resin, and how it was distributed—is available in a structured, unaltered, and verifiable format. This grants all supply chain partners full visibility into the origins of the recycled material and provides end-to-end transparency controlled at multiple points along the chain.

Participants in Oceanworks’ platform improved their ability to comply with market demands, regulatory standards, and corporate responsibility goals, supporting their claims of using origin-verified recycled ocean plastic with accurate information provided by Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace.

In addition, Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace enables Oceanworks to monitor the supply chain for unexpected variations of each lot of recycled materials, making sure that no virgin plastic has been blended into the ocean plastic resin. Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace can also identify where an anomaly occurred because it collects data for every lot at each step along the supply chain, avoiding fraud and ensuring confidence in the platform.

Published:June 16, 2022

About the customer

Oceanworks specializes in hard-to-access ocean and averted plastic, aiming to drive recycled plastic offtake and reduce demand for new virgin plastic. The company operates a track-and-trace platform that supports a circular economy to stop ocean plastic pollution.