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High Availability, Built-In Redundancy

For many organizations, certain business functions require high availability of systems, 24/7.

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2-HA supports your mission-critical, high-availability database and application workloads. It reduces risk with built-in redundancy from the hardware through the software stack.

  • Support mission-critical applications and consolidation of many databases
  • Software, compute, networking, and storage, engineered to work together seamlessly
  • Support Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition
  • Ease of deployment, patching, management, and support
  • Built-in automation and best practices for storage configuration and database provisioning
  • Reliable architecture with redundant power, cooling, networking, and storage
  • Built for high availability
  • Choice of high-performance flash or high-capacity drives
  • Flexible licensing options that save you money and grow with your business
  • 72 Intel Xeon processor cores
  • 768 GB memory with optional expansion to 1.5 TB
  • Five 3.2 TB SSDs in the base system provide 16 TB of raw data-storage capacity
  • For high performance, up to 15 additional 3.2 TB SSDs can be added to increase the raw data-storage capacity to 64 TB
  • For high capacity, 15 additional 10 TB HDDs can be added to increase the raw data-storage capacity to 150 TB
  • Choice of 10GBase-T or 10/25 GbE SFP28 public networking

Product Features

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Fully engineered system

Software, server, storage, and networking—all coengineered and optimized to run Oracle Database and applications.

Simple deployment and maintenance

Deploys in as little as 30-90 minutes and simplifies maintenance with automated quarterly patching.

Built for the world's #1 database

Supports Oracle Database Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, Standard Edition 2, and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Capacity-on-demand licensing

Reduces costs by adjusting your database software spend in line with your business growth—without the need for hardware upgrades.


Back up and archive your data in Oracle Public Cloud, and easily move your workloads.

Improve Business Agility

“Oracle Database Appliance saves money on software licenses, helps control CPU costs, and provides business capabilities you won’t be able to get from any other platform.”

—Simon Rice, VP Enterprise Services, Cintra Software Services

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