Oncology Consulting

Access specialized data and expertise to help navigate all stages of product development and support your success in oncology.

Oncology consulting solutions

Our Life Sciences oncology solutions combine expertise, experience, and evidence with advanced consulting and analytical capabilities to help you achieve commercial success.

Planning your portfolio with oncology consulting

We provide disease-specific data and analysis to help prioritize your assets and optimize your portfolio.

A comprehensive plan based on extensive knowledge

In our research, we seek to understand all relevant stakeholders, attitudes, decisions, experiences, and preferences on a deeper level. We support your commercial and clinical planning with the scientific evaluation of assets, the identification and evaluation of in-and-out licensing opportunities, and competitive intelligence.

A diverse, experienced team

Our interdisciplinary team has a strong scientific background and is experienced with many key data sources and methodologies. Oracle Life Sciences’ experts can organize research studies from the simplest to the most complex. Our dedicated oncology team spans clinical expertise, epidemiology, behavioral science, advanced quantitative methods, and more.

Data-driven decision-making

We provide disease-specific data and develop insights to help you prioritize your assets and optimize your portfolio. Our customized consulting is complemented by Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact, the premier global oncology intelligence resource. This includes Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Patient Metrics, an epidemiology module that allows you to better understand your target population, including detailed treatment data to size any given tumor type. For up-to-date insights into the future competitive landscape, Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Future Trends and Insights explores potential changes in treatment practices in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. This is based on an evaluation of recently published clinical data, regulatory advances and setbacks, and ongoing clinical trials.

Optimize your clinical trials and prepare for submission

We provide connected clinical expertise, real-world solutions, and cloud-based software applications to optimize clinical trials and prepare for your submission.

Insightful trial design

Our consultants can guide and strengthen your clinical trial design. We identify unmet therapeutic needs so you can design trials to bridge those gaps. We can also recommend comparators and/or combination partners, and the primary and secondary endpoints that will provide the most meaningful outcomes for physicians and patients. Learning directly from patients, we identify trial design features that may pose a barrier to participation, enabling you to maximize trial recruitment.

Accelerating clinical trials with efficiency and transparency

The strategic guidance delivered by the oncology consulting team is complemented by Oracle Life Sciences’ comprehensive suite of world-class cloud-based applications. These applications drive transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in all aspects of clinical trial planning, budgeting, setup, management, and analysis.

Understanding the clinical development landscape

Effective clinical trial planning demands a clear understanding of the global drug and trial landscape. Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Cancer Landscape delivers a dynamic Tableau-based platform that displays visually impactful, interactive dashboards. Query major trial registries in the United States, Europe, and Japan and gain a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of the oncology clinical trial landscape to inform your planning.

Submit regulatory applications with confidence

We generate evidence of your product's safety and effectiveness so you can submit regulatory applications with confidence.

Connected clinical and real-world solutions

We provide connected clinical and real-world solutions to assist the preparation for your submissions. We work collaboratively across disciplines to substantiate your value proposition with clinical and real-world data. Our guidance and insights can help you develop strong value propositions and pricing strategies for enduring treatment access.

Support for publications

Our specialized services help inform local health technology assessment (HTA) and value dossier submissions. Our team can also generate publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, backed by the credibility of hundreds of published manuscripts.

Pharmacoepidemiology plans

We support the development of pharmacoepidemiology plans for regulatory approval and generate evidence of your products' safety and effectiveness to support your value proposition.

Oncology consulting services for commercialization

Our consulting services combine scientific and commercial insights for a winning market strategy and successful launch.

Optimize your launch

We offer consultative approaches to support your launch's success, using connected commercial and real-world solutions. By understanding stakeholders’ behaviors, motivations, and unmet needs, we can help you identify where to enter the market and how to maximize uptake.

Identify decision-making drivers through science and psychology

We help optimize your launch activities with connected qualitative and quantitative insights. Oracle Life Sciences is experienced in gaining a qualitative understanding of numerous healthcare stakeholders including oncology specialists, key opinion leaders, nurses, patients, patient advocacy groups, pharmacists, caregivers, and payers.

Leveraging deep scientific knowledge and expertise in behavior sciences, our consultants can go beyond the surface of what drives decision-making to help you develop and implement effective brand strategies.

Assess the market landscape

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers, methodologists, and statisticians undertake primary research to assess new opportunities and identify potential barriers to adoption. This is complemented by Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Treatment Architecture, which provides a detailed understanding of the current clinical management of cancer patients by tumor type, segment, disease stage, treatment modalities, and drug therapy use.

Understand product usage at a granular level

With oncology market tracking, we provide a detailed understanding of how and where your product is used. Our highly reliable retrospective chart review solution delivers a comprehensive view of product usage by tumor type and indication, including patient segments.

Accelerate your post-marketing activities

We use real-world evidence to meet post-approval obligations and expand access through new indications with demonstrated product safety and value.

Accelerating future growth

We can help accelerate your post-marketing activities by generating evidence early to expand access through new indications, scientific differentiation, and product positioning.

Enhanced risk management

We can assist in designing and executing post-authorization safety studies (PASS) or post-authorization efficacy studies (PAES). Our solutions help you adhere to risk management requirements and post-marketing commitments and establish evidence for safety and effectiveness in a real-world setting. In addition, our active drug surveillance studies help evaluate the probability and frequency of adverse events as part of post-marketing risk assessment for medical products.

Custom registries for unique insights

Build registries to describe the natural history of diseases your patients are either suffering from or at risk for. Our product registries cover patient treatments with a product or device, and can fulfill post-marketing authorization requirements for safety or harm assessment.

Informed safety decisions

In addition to oncology consulting services, Oracle supports innovation in your multivigilance activities with cloud-based tools to improve efficiency and strengthen compliance. With market-leading solutions such as Oracle Life Sciences Argus and Oracle Life Sciences Empirica, we can transform your case intake process, automate your safety case workflow, and enable you to confidently detect, analyze, and manage safety signals.

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