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Oracle OpenWorld Middle East 2020 Highlights

Anchor Keynotes: Oracle Cloud: A Path and Platform

Learn how Oracle Cloud drives innovation and real change for customers. Cloud technologies are beginning to reshape how we think about and interact with the world around us. The opportunities that the cloud presents are real and present today, and are providing the building blocks for companies to pioneer groundbreaking innovations and disrupt entire industries.

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Solution Keynote: Autonomous Data Management

Discover what's new and what's coming next from the Database Development team. Find out how Autonomous Database is revolutionizing Data Management by utilising autonomous services on a modern cloud.

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How To Turn Change Into Opportunity With Oracle Cloud Apps

Hear how AI, blockchain, IoT, and conversational UI can reshape your core business processes from HR to finance to supply chain to customer experience. Learn how you can win at business by anticipating your customers' future wants and needs.

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Outpacing Change in a Disrupted World—The New Core of Business

Hear from Oracle's ERP and EPM development leaders and trailblazing customers showcasing how technologies are reshaping and reinvigorating the finance and operations core of the business.

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Anchor Keynotes: Unlock Endless Possibilities with Oracle Cloud

Explore how machine learning and automation are powering the world's only autonomous cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has re-imagined cloud for the most important enterprise applications with consistent high performance and unmatched governance and security controls.

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Solution Keynote: Cloud Platform, Middleware Strategy and Roadmap

Learn about the strategy and vision for Oracle's comprehensive cloud platform services and on-premises software. Hear from customers on how they leverage Oracle Cloud for their digital transformation.

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Solution Keynote: A New Class of Cloud Infrastructure

Find out how Oracle's new class of cloud can help you scale your business and secure your data.

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Solution Keynote: Strategy and Roadmap for Cloud and On-Premise

Learn how Exadata architecture is being transformed to provide the world's most advanced cloud and in-memory functionality for both online transaction processing and analytics.

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    The New Core of Business

    Finance, Reporting, Planning, Supply Chain

    Learn more
    Unlocking Possibilities with Data

    Database, Data Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence

    Learn more
    The Changing Workforce

    Human Capital, Talent Management, Employee Engagement

    Learn more
    Putting AI to Work

    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Technologies

    Learn more
    Your Evolving Customer

    Service, Marketing, Sales, Commerce

    Learn more
    Transformational Technologies

    Blockchain, Robotics, IoT, Virtual and Augmented Realities

    Learn more
    Leading the Way

    Leadership, Innovation, Growth, Diversity, Culture

    Learn more
    Modern IT Operations

    Cloud, Infrastructure, Network, Systems, Security

    Learn more
    Delivering for Citizens

    Digital Transformation, Constituent Engagement, Modernising Service

    Learn more
    Cloud Application Development

    Dev Tools, Java, Machine Learning, Microservices, Digital Assistants, DevOps

    Learn more

Featured Speakers

His Excellency Mohammed Gheyath

His Excellency Mohammed Gheyath

Executive Director of Cybersecurity Operations, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

His excellency Mohammed Gheyath currently serves as the Executive Director of Cybersecurity Operations at Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA). With over 18 years of professional experience, the accomplished Emirati executive specializes in organizational development, business function set-up, and technology management and development.

In his current capacity, H.E. Gheyath spearheads the ADDA’s efforts to adopt new technologies and initiatives to further enhance the cybersecurity infrastructure and cyber ecosystem. Gheyath’s strong leadership and constant support to the ADDA’s strategy have successfully culminated in the development of a common security transformation framework for all Abu Dhabi government entities, that increases the IT protection of the Emirate and the country’s digital infrastructure, systems and data.

Prior to joining ADDA, H.E. Gheyath was responsible for setting up the new function of the Information Security Regulatory Affairs at the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA).

He was also the Director General of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program, a world-class innovative education system that uses the latest technologies in the industry. Under his leadership, Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program launched the world’s first Smart School Transformation Framework that was implemented in over 250 schools across the UAE to help them transform into smart institutions.

H.E. Gheyath held several prestigious positions in various leading regional and international organizations. Among these were Vice Chairman of the Telecommunication Standardisation Advisory Group (TSAG) in ITU/UN; Chairman, the World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly in Dubai, which attracted 900 delegates from more than 120 countries; Chairman of the National Committee responsible for the establishment of the UAE National infrastructure Operator, the third operator in the UAE; Head of the UAE delegation in the ICANN Government Advisory Group (GAG); and Technical Lead in the Free Trade Agreement negotiations with the US.

H.E. Gheyath holds a bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Khalifa University. He was one of the first patch of UAE executive leadership program. H.E. Gheyath has recieved many awards, among which the Prime Minister Office Appreciation certificate for effective participation in the Free Trade Agreement with the USA and EU, the Emirates Award for Government Excellence (2015), and the World Summit for Information Society Award (ITU / UN),

 Miriam Burt

Miriam Burt

Managing Vice President, Gartner

Miriam Burt is a Managing Vice President with management responsibility for the Retail Industry Advisory Services team. She also has a research portfolio which includes global retail business and technology trends, digital business, multichannel, customer processes, the future of customer experience and how people use technology. Mrs. Burt's technology research areas include point of sale, digitalization of stores, the Internet of Things, mobile, blockchain and AI.

Khalid Al Ameri

Khalid Al Ameri

Content Creator and Actor

Khalid is an Emirati content creator who tells stories that bring the world together, he creates culturally-relevant material that is made for an international community. His viral videos such as "When Muslims Celebrate Christmas" and "Shopping While Married" in addition to his two seasons of "The Ramadan Show" have built an audience on his Facebook channel of over 3 million people. Khalid graduated from Stanford University and was featured in the 2018 list of Top Young Influential Arabs by Arabian Business as well as being the first social media personality to be awarded a Dubai Star in the Downtown Dubai Walk of Fame.

Dr Daniel Hulme

Dr Daniel Hulme

AI Expert, and CEO, Satalia

Daniel Hulme is the CEO of award-winning AI solutions company Satalia, and Director of University College London’s Business Analytics Masters degree. He looks at how AI can solve the most challenging problems and deals with its business, ethical and social implications, as well as wider technological and economic developments. Passionate about creating a positive technological future, Daniel sees his mission as making AI accessible and understandable whilst also providing a framework for avoiding the potential pitfalls. He works at the intersection of technology, innovation, organisation and ethics. After studying computer and cognitive science, as well as management and computational complexity, and gaining a doctorate in AI, Daniel has since balanced work in both academia, public and private sectors. He's worked as a consultant for a range of technology companies in the UK and US. He’s served on and founded advisory bodies and steering groups largely focused on the economic, employment and ethical implications of technology, data and AI. He's also contributed to numerous books, articles and podcasts on AI and the future of work. He looks at how organisations can thrive, how they will innovate faster and more naturally, but also how the ethics and values of consumers and employees have to be incorporated.

Joy Ajlouny

Joy Ajlouny

Former CMO and Co-Founder of Fetchr

Businesswoman, motivational speaker ,serial entrepreneur and advisor, Joy Ajlouny is a flash-bang grenade thrown into the Middle East. Born and raised in California to Palestinian refugees, Ajlouny has built a reputation for her success in startups and ventures worldwide, all the while disrupting the status quo of women in buisness. Belonging to the top one percent of female entrepreneurs, the self-made entrepreneur has “gamified rejection” and carved her space in the business world.

In 2015 Ajlouny co-founded Fetchr, the Silicon Valley-backed tech company that was created to tackle the Middle East’s “no address” issue, which has been long been a hindrance to growth in emerging markets. She facilitated $11 million in initial investments in Fetchr, as well as $41 million in a series B round in 2017.

Ahead of founding Fetchr, Ajlouny was the driving force and sole entity behind the e-commerce luxury fashion platform Bonfaire. Over the last decade, her unmatched knowledge and expertise in funding and investment, startups and marketing strategies has compounded into what’s known as the “Joy effect,” a term that refers to the ripple of her influence on a multitude of new and once suffering companies. Considered an expert in emotional marketing, she follows the rule of thumb that in order to be successful, you have to “fall in love with your customer.”

As a self-made woman in the industry, Ajlouny is passionate about encouraging and investing knowledge into the young women of tomorrow. Her talks are not only centered upon her businesses, but on the realities of being a female entrepreneur, the double bind and the relentlessness it takes to secure a position that counters the traditional roles allocated for women.

Peter van Manen

Peter van Manen

Former M.D. McLaren, Electronics, Data and Tech Division

Peter Van Manen spent over 20 years at one of motorsport’s most famous names, McLaren. As MD of the company’s electronics, data and technology division, he led developments in both the F1 team as well as partnerships outside sport from aviation to healthcare. Before joining McLaren Electonics (later to become McLaren Applied Technologies), Peter worked in areas from coal mining to transport and defence.

A career engineer he has been involved in technological developments that have changed industries and been adopted as standards. In Formula 1, Peter has been a part of huge advances, from the first introduction of active suspension to today, where each car produces over 750 million data points from 500 parameters in real time over the course of a race.

Away from motorsport, he also looks at what working with data has taught McLaren in order to help other sports and industries. He examines the use of F1 methods of telemetry and data collection in applications like the intensive care baby unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital, where the use of real time analysis has seen a 25% decrease in life-threatening incidents. He also looks at how technology will be used in the smart city of the future, adopting data platforms and systems to monitor environment, transport, energy, utilities and infrastructure.

Raha Moharrak

Raha Moharrak

Adventurer and Mountain Climber

Always a curious child, for as long as she can remember, Raha dreamed of challenging adventures, seeing the world and perhaps even changing it. From a young age her eccentricity was obvious, blessed with parents who never asked her to change, teaching her to dream big and live even bigger, and raised her with the belief that life is what she makes of it and her dreams are a reflection of the endlessness of her capabilities.

Graduating with a bachelors in Visional Communications from the American University of Sharjah then started her career at a leading advertising agency, Raha’s life changed the day she summited Kilimanjaro and challenged herself, her society, and culture. It was there, between the clouds, standing on Africa’s roof where her spirit could no longer be silenced and nothing could hold her back from her love of adventure, Kilimanjaro open the doors to 8 more summits, yet still her love affair with altitude was insatiable, and her curiosity as to where her limits were grew fierce, just when she thought she found them, she set eyes on Everest, and the dream that turned her into an accidental role model was born, on may 18th 2013 a year after seeing the legendary mountain Raha made history by being the first Saudi woman to summit Everest, forever proving we could attempt the impossible and maybe even achieve it no matter where we are from, she’s living proof that if children are raised confident and curious, unapologetically who they are, then we’re capable of anything, Even for a Saudi woman to stand on top of the world.

Moharrak is a well-known speaker and has held motivational and inspirational speeches across the region and has received fantastic reviews from the audience. She has also been seen on TV, Radio and in numerous newspapers. She presents both in Arabic and in English.

Steve Miranda

Steve Miranda

Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Product Development

Steve Miranda is executive vice president of Oracle Applications product development. He is responsible for leading all aspects of product strategy, product development, and product delivery for the entire portfolio of Oracle Applications and related services. Miranda's primary focus is on delivering the industry's most complete, proven, and innovative set of cloud solutions encompassing enterprise resource planning; supply chain, human capital, and enterprise performance management; customer experience; and Oracle Data Cloud applications.

Miranda joined Oracle in 1992 and has held a variety of leadership positions within the development organization. In 2007 he was asked to lead the engineering of Oracle's next-generation suite of software applications, Oracle Fusion Applications. Under his leadership, Oracle has delivered on its promise to help applications customers innovate and remain competitive while leveraging their existing IT investments and increasing the value of those investments with new Oracle products and services.

Prior to Oracle, Miranda worked at GE Aerospace. He holds degrees in mathematics and computational sciences from Stanford University.

Philippe Mathieu

Philippe Mathieu

Executive Vice President, Oracle Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan

Philippe Mathieu is executive vice president of Oracle Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific (APAC) and Japan; he reports to Oracle CEO Safra Catz and is a member of Oracle's executive committee. He is responsible for driving the expansion of the company in the region and its transformation to the Cloud together with a team of 20,000+.

Previously, Mathieu was senior vice president Strategy and Operations (COO) for Oracle International. He joined Oracle in March 2007 following the acquisition of Hyperion Solutions, as Oracle's vice president of finance (CFO) for EMEA.

Prior to Oracle, Mathieu held senior management positions in US based enterprise software companies including PeopleSoft, Commerce One and Sybase.

Mathieu has accumulated 25 years of international experience in the IT industry.

Steve Daheb

Steve Daheb

Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud

Steve Daheb is senior vice president for Oracle Cloud; he joined the company in 2015. He brings to Oracle a strong record of building businesses, creating new categories, and driving integrated sales and marketing execution to achieve revenue growth.

Daheb is responsible for driving the global transformation and growth of key Oracle Cloud portfolio offerings including all PaaS and IaaS. His responsibilities include full go-to-market strategy and execution to achieve top-line growth of Oracle's cloud business.

Prior to joining Oracle, Daheb was chief marketing officer at Citrix. There he had global responsibilities for all corporate, solutions, product, and partner marketing. Prior to joining Citrix, Daheb served as the chief marketing officer at Blue Coat, a leading provider of web security and WAN optimization solutions. He helped lead the $1.3B sale of Blue Coat to a private equity firm. Previous to Blue Coat, he was chief marketing officer and senior vice president of business development at Emulex Corporation. Before that, Daheb held marketing, sales, and business development leadership roles at BlueArc Corporation (acquired by Hitachi Data Systems), Tasman Networks (acquired by Nortel), Brocade, and Lucent.

In 2010, Daheb was named a top 10 CMO by the CMO Institute and the American Business Awards named him one of the top 10 Marketing Executives in the United States. In 2012, the American Business Awards named Daheb as one of the Top Technology Executives of the Year.

Daheb holds a JD from the Santa Clara University School of Law and a BA from the University of California at Davis.

Çetin Özbütün

Çetin Özbütün

Senior Vice President, Data Warehousing and Big Data Technologies, Oracle

Çetin Özbütün is Senior Vice President of Data Warehousing and Big Data Technologies at Oracle. He is in charge of developing the core relational, data warehousing and big data related capabilities of Oracle Database, Oracle Big Data Appliance and Big Data SQL, as well as Oracle's Autonomous Database Service.

Mr Özbütün joined Oracle in February 1989, after finishing his MS degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and contributed to every Oracle Database release since Version 6.

Wim Coekaerts

Wim Coekaerts

Senior Vice President, Software Development, Oracle

Wim Coekaerts is senior vice president of software development at Oracle. Coekaerts is responsible for managing a number of projects and cloud services including Oracle Linux and Virtualization, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Cloud Service, Visual Builder Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service. He is a well-known developer in the open source community and serves as Vice Chairman for the Linux Foundation.

Sonny Singh

Sonny Singh

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Financial Services Global Business Unit, Oracle

Sonny Singh has served as senior vice president and general manager of the Financial Services Global Business Unit at Oracle since 2013. In this role, Singh has worldwide responsibility for Oracle's product portfolio for the financial services industry across banking, insurance, and capital markets. His organization spans all business functions including product strategy, research and development, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), sales, consulting, marketing, and customer service. In addition, his operational responsibilities include Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS), a publicly held company, where he is a member of the Board of Directors.

Prior to his current role, Singh was the senior vice president responsible for all functions in Oracle's go-to-market strategy, including product marketing, competitive intelligence, field enablement, and M&A integration across Oracle's entire product and services portfolio. His organization delivered all of Oracle's strategic customer engagement capabilities, including solutions and expertise for all industry vertical segments; the Oracle Insight program, Oracle's branded value engineering competency; and Oracle Solution Centers. Additionally, his organization was responsible for the expert resources, tools, and capabilities for two key market segments: Oracle Key Accounts and Midsize.

Prior to that, Singh was group vice president for Oracle Consulting, where he led Oracle's services business in North America Strategic Accounts. Singh began his Oracle career in 1990 and has had held a number of leadership roles in Oracle's consulting and sales organizations, focusing on Oracle Applications.

Singh holds an MS in industrial engineering from Stanford University and a BS in mechanical engineering from Punjab University, India.

Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban

Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban

Senior Vice President, Technology, Oracle Middle East and Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe

Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban is Senior Vice President – Technology for Oracle in Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. Abdul Rahman joined Oracle in 1996 as sales director for the Saudi Arabia operation. Prior to joining Oracle, Abdul Rahman owned a leading software solutions consultancy specializing in application development for Unix, Informix and Oracle.

Within three years of joining Oracle, Abdul Rahman helped propel Saudi Arabia into the top revenue earning countries in the Middle East. In September 2010 Abdul Rahman was promoted to the position of vice president for Middle East and Africa, and in 2016 he was appointed to his current position.

Abdul Rahman is reputed for applying creative approach to drive business growth. Abdul Rahman has also performed a key role in driving a number of capacity building initiatives within and outside Oracle.

Abdul Rahman is an executive board member of the Young Arab Leaders (YAL) group, an association of individuals that plays an active and responsible role in improving the state of the pan-Arab world. Abdul Rahman is also a member of the Sawa’ed mentoring program of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation.

Abdul Rahman has been recognized as one of the top 100 executives in the Middle East by Forbes Middle East magazine in 2019.

Abdul Rahman has an Executive Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Edinburgh (2004). Abdul Rahman is married with four children.

Arun Khehar

Arun Khehar

Senior Vice President, Applications Business, Oracle Middle East, Africa and India

Arun Khehar is Oracle's Senior Vice President for the Applications Business across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey region. Arun has +20 years of business leadership experience at Oracle.

Arun is Board Member and Executive Leader responsible for driving and growing Oracle’s applications business (SaaS) across +100 countries in Emerging Markets - biggest and fastest growing business unit in EMEA.

He has a broad spectrum of experiences including: general management, P&L management, sales management (+700 million USD business covering all enterprise segments and industries), change management and talent development of multi-cultural teams (+1 000 employees).

Arun Khehar was recognized among Top 10 Indian Business Leaders by Forbes Middle East in 2018.

He studied Engineering in Sweden, followed by a Master’s Degree in International Business from University of Edinburgh in Scotland and ENPC from Paris in 2004.

Prior to joining Oracle, Arun worked with Apple Computers distributor and HP Company.