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Join us at Oracle OpenWorld for a two-day exploration of technology-driven transformation with peers from across Middle East and Africa. Explore how leading companies are exposing are unlocking insights with data to reengineer the core of their business, elevate the value they deliver to customers, pioneer new ways of working, and drive completely new opportunities. Dive deep into the transformational and autonomous technologies fundamentally changing work and life.

Explore the content through the detailed content catalogue and choose sessions relevant to your role and line of business:

  • Keynotes: Hear from business and thought leaders, technologists, innovators, and shapers of the future.
  • Sessions: Case Studies from leading organisations, from local start-ups to multi-national enterprises, and learn about solutions designed to resolve some of your biggest challenges.
  • Hands-on Demos and Experiences: Get hands-on with products, solutions and services from Oracle and Oracle PartnerNetwork companies.

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Finance, Reporting, Planning, Supply Chain

Gone are the days when the role of the back office was just to contain costs and maintain the business. Forward-thinking organisations are adapting and creating data-driven financial, planning and supply chain organisation at the core of the business to identify new growth opportunities and create value.

Empower a modern, agile organization:

  • Take advantage of cloud and emerging technologies to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve controls.
  • Automate low-value, manual tasks and focus on the strategic initiatives that will move your business forward.
  • Leverage real-time data for predictive insights to improve your decision-making and performance management.
  • Evolve your supply chains to meet increased buyer expectations, shorter product lifecycles, new regulations and fluctuating demand.

Human Capital, Talent Management, Employee Engagement

Meet the workforce of tomorrow. They are mobile, global, and diverse. And they are hungry for greater opportunity, increased collaboration, and a less-formal business environment. Maximizing the potential of this rapidly changing workforce means rethinking the design of roles, organisation of work, and planning for future growth.

Embrace the future of work now:

  • Leverage mobile, social, analytics, Internet of Things, big data, and the cloud for better workforce intelligence.
  • Deliver greater insight into job profiles, employee skills, and competency levels to attract and keep the best talent.
  • Get ahead of talent shortages, retirements, emerging knowledge gaps, market fluctuations and growth goals.
  • Identify critical skills, assess talent strengths, and empower people on the move.

Service, Marketing, Sales, Commerce

The Experience Economy is here. We are surrounded by unprecedented choice and convenience, from online orders arriving in hours to rides arriving in minutes and answers arriving in seconds. As a result, your customers expect things to happen seamlessly on their own terms, whenever and however they want, and often demand instant gratification in both their personal and professional lives.

Deliver legendary customer experiences and capture lifelong devotion to your brand:

  • Connect data and intelligence to deliver connected experiences that will set your business apart.
  • Deliver deeply personalized and contextual experiences to every customer, every time
  • Accelerate the adoption of new channels, devices, data sources, and intelligence capabilities.
  • Leverage AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, and data solutions to provide state-of-the-art customer experiences.

Leadership, Innovation, Growth, Diversity, Culture

The opportunities that cloud and emerging technologies unlock are real and present today, providing the building blocks for companies to pioneer groundbreaking innovations and disrupt entire industries. But seizing these opportunities is easier said than done—it requires aligning strategy, process, policy, organisational structure, and technology to exceed and anticipate customer needs.

Learn from leaders from global enterprises and local start-ups:

  • Embrace an accelerated pace of continual transformation to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Align people, processes, and technology to support new business strategies, innovation, productivity, and growth.
  • Solve challenges and drive strategies that cut through the noise and provide a roadmap you can fearlessly follow.
  • Drive innovation and employee engagement with a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Digital Transformation, Constituent Engagement, Modernising Service

We live in an increasing urban world. Since the turn of this century, mega-cities in the developing world have seen a full doubling of their populations and by 2050; over two-thirds of us will be urban dwellers. Cities are ground-zero for an increasingly strained social-safety net but also act as the economic engines for new-world economies. Aging populations are putting increasing the demand for health and social services; educational systems need to prepare today’s youth for a technology-driven world, and the growth and changing shape of cities is creating new demands on infrastructure.

Be inspired by technology-enabled change initiatives in the advanced public- and private-sector organisations:

  • Deliver services that are more widely available, cost less, and are easier to deliver, monitor, and track.
  • Establish workforces for the future.
  • Reinforce public safety and resilience, and catalyse constituent engagement.
  • Create outcomes that truly respond to the priorities of citizens.

Database, Data Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence

A new age of cloud innovation is happening amid a backdrop of converging technology and market forces. Underpinning these forces is a veritable explosion in data, largely bolstered by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and fuelled by increases in computational capacity and machine learning that make it possible to distil, interpret and use that data in completely new ways.

Unleash the possibilities of your data:

  • Gain insight and better understanding of your operations, employees, markets, and customers.
  • Leverage the power of Autonomous technologies to automate insights and automate manual tasks, while reducing costs and reducing risk.
  • Automate the collection of data across multiple applications and visualize millions of points of data.
  • Automatically make recommendations and deliver actionable intelligence to the business.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Technologies

The Automation Age will be one of the greatest technology shifts that we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. With Autonomous technologies, you now have the means to automate both manual tasks and insights, while reducing costs and reducing risk. It will completely reshape the approach to IT - freeing resources and imaginations to focus on business growth and innovation.

AI and machine learning that's ready to go:

  • Leverage cloud applications with intelligent features to discover hidden patterns and drive better business outcomes.
  • Anticipate customer satisfaction, deliver next-best-service actions, automate answers, and provide more personalized services.
  • Predict possible security breaches, automate security-patching, backups, and optimize performance.
  • Eliminate human error and repetitive manual tasks so your organization can focus on higher-value activities.

Blockchain, IoT, Chatbots, Virtual and Augmented Realities

Emerging technologies—including artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and human interfaces—have become one of the greatest areas of change for businesses and people. From self-driving cars to personalized medicine, from smart manufacturing to smart cities, these technologies are permeating virtually every aspect of work and life, changing the way we experience our world.

Create new business value:

  • IoT—extend your supply chain and automate business processes by converting a world of things into a world of data.
  • Blockchain—establish unalterable transaction logs to exchange information and share results between business and trading partners.
  • Chatbots and Digital Assistants—deploy sophisticated conversational assistants that learn and evolve to deliver increasing levels of personalization and confidence.
  • Virtual and Augmented Realities—improve customer engagement, patient outcomes, employee training, product development, risk management, and more.

Cloud, Infrastructure, Network, Systems, Security

The cloud is changing every aspect of IT. Businesses that don’t transform their IT infrastructure to meet the demands of the evolving business environment risk being left behind. But the scope of modern IT operations goes beyond performance and optimisation. To evolve the business, IT must expose actionable insights throughout the organisation, leverage machine learning and automation to drive system autonomy, and improve decision-making to reduce the time from idea to value.

Optimise IT:

  • Leverage the cloud to continually improve IT services and set the stage for faster, more responsive and cost-effective IT capabilities.
  • Reduce or eliminate the human effort required for monitoring, managing, and securing applications and infrastructure.
  • Gain the advantages of cloud computing services while still realizing the benefits of your data centers.
  • Protect and secure your environment with latest security tools and techniques, from database controls to intrusion detection to security perimeters.

Databases, Java, Cloud Native and Containers, Blockchain, Open Source, Chatbots, JavaScript, DevOps, APIs, Low Code, AI/ML

Being a developer isn't just a job. It's a way of life. It's about making your ideas real, breaking down conventions, and building something better than before. Meet with experts that are knee-deep in developing software in Java, Node.js, and other programming languages and frameworks using Oracle Database, MySQL, and NoSQL databases.

Explore the latest and greatest developer technologies, practices, and trends:

  • Cloud native, containers, Kubernetes
  • Programming languages
  • Development methodologies
  • ML/AI Chatbots
  • Modern web and mobile
  • DevOps and tools
  • Data and data science

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Endless Possibilities Through Innovative Customer Experiences

Discover new approaches to your toughest business challenges―from creating legendary customer experiences to unlocking the power of emerging technologies for transforming sales, marketing, service, and ecommerce.

At Oracle OpenWorld, thought leaders, innovators, and your peers from a diverse range of companies will show you how to:

  • Wow your customers with personalized experiences
  • Seize the opportunities of the cloud for bold, real-time CX
  • Put emerging technologies to work for better outcomes

Connect with innovators and thought leaders, be inspired by your peers, and envision the possibilities.

Empowering Bold Decisions From the Core of Your Business

Embrace data-driven financial, planning, and supply chain methods to identify new growth opportunities and create value for your organization.

At Oracle OpenWorld, thought leaders, innovators, and your peers from a diverse range of companies will share their expertise and real-life experiences that will help you:

  • Empower your organization by transforming your core of business
  • Seize the opportunities of the cloud for new levels of operational efficiency
  • Put AI to work for better outcomes
  • Explore emerging technologies for next-generation operations

Connect with thought leaders and innovators, be inspired by your peers, and envision the possibilities. The future of operations starts here.

The Future of Work Starts Here

Technology, globalisation, and changing demographics are transforming the nature of work. Learn how to deliver better employee experiences and leverage new innovations to attract and retain the best talent. Help your organisation’s workforce be future-ready now and into the future.

Join us at Oracle OpenWorld, where thought leaders, innovators, and your peers from a diverse range of companies will show you how to:

  • Embrace the future of work with innovative employee experiences
  • Put AI to work for a future-ready workforce
  • Explore emerging technologies for better outcomes

Game-Changing Innovation With Next-Generation Development

You’re a developer, which means you want to build something better than before. It’s what you do. And today’s explosion of data, extraordinary computational capacity, and insightful approaches such as DevOps are placing opportunities at your fingertips. Now is the time to dive deep into the technologies that can fuel your innovation.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2020, learn, network, and get hands-on experience to help you:

  • Learn about chatbots powered by AI and machine learning. Discover how DevOps, containers, and Kubernetes can help you innovate—faster
  • Use autonomous technologies to automate insights and drive new efficiencies. Boost the agility of your software by automating data collection across multiple applications
  • Find out how to create new value in your software with blockchain, IoT, chatbots and digital assistants, virtual and augmented realities, and more
  • Drive innovation and employee engagement with a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Discover Data-Driven Insights That Fuel Breakthrough Outcomes

Data is everywhere. Bolstered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and extraordinary computational capacity, this data is opening the door to data insights that can lead to breakthrough business outcomes. The opportunity for you to distill, interpret, and use that data in completely new ways is at your fingertips. This is where you can learn how.

At Oracle OpenWorld, thought leaders, innovators, and your peers from a diverse range of companies will share their expertise and real-life experiences to help you:

  • Unlock the possibilities of your data to reveal new insights
  • Put AI to work for better outcomes
  • Apply emerging technologies to create new business value

Modernise IT Operations For Better Outcomes

Whether your focus is systems administration, security, cloud infrastructure, or solution architecture, you play a leading role in evolving your organisation to meet the challenges of today's disruptive business environment. Is your IT environment capable of leveraging emerging technologies to generate actionable insights for your decision-makers? Are you taking advantage of the cost and time savings of autonomous intelligence?

At Oracle OpenWorld, thought leaders, innovators, and your peers from a diverse range of companies will share their expertise and real-life experiences to help you:

  • Unlock the possibilities of data for breakthrough transformation
  • Put AI to work for better outcomes
  • Apply emerging technologies to create new business value
  • Optimize IT operations for extraordinary service delivery

Connect with thought leaders and innovators, be inspired by your peers, and envision the possibilities for actionable insights to drive business value.