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Mastercard and Oracle helped Los Angeles distribute US$36 million in aid

In 2020, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti launched the Angeleno Card program in partnership with the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles to provide direct financial assistance to families hit hardest by the pandemic. In only three months, the program distributed more than 35,000 cards to households across Los Angeles, serving over 100,000 people with more than US$36 million in direct financial assistance.

Los Angeles Civic Assist story (2:15)

Learn how you can help your community with Civic Assist.

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Simplify economic aid from end to end with Civic Assist

Civic Assist from Oracle and Mastercard is a relief-assistance solution that helps governments, nonprofits, and financial institutions bring positive impact to the communities they serve, faster and more efficiently. Together, Oracle and Mastercard provide applications, infrastructure, and pre-established integrations to quickly build systems that streamline the entire process—removing barriers, reducing operational cost, and enhancing fraud prevention.

The benefits of an end-to-end solution

Improve program efficiency

Determine applicant eligibility dynamically so you can efficiently prequalify them into appropriate benefits and programs.

Save on disbursement costs

Reduce the costs associated with disbursing benefits, such as issuing checks, so funds can be used in smarter ways.

Promote equity and inclusion

Help residents find relevant help for their circumstances and offer more ways to receive payments, regardless of banking status.

Increase security and transparency

Give case workers oversight and control to reduce the likelihood of fraud and leakage, which can lower the impact of your program.

Civic Assist powers everything from eligibility to payment

Eligibility and verification

Oracle’s capabilities let you partner with existing government organizations, produce intuitive front-end intake, and automate certification and approval.

1. Access
Citizens request advice and apply for benefits online with a mobile device or computer.

2. Prequalification
Use our front-end capabilities to interview, qualify, and apply benefits.

3. Document upload
Citizens upload their required documents through a secure digital interface.

4. ID verification
Digitally verify applicant IDs and notify them about next steps and service agreements.

5. Case management
Approve claims, request information, and manage cases with powerful workflows.

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Payment and disbursement

Mastercard Send + Prepaid options streamline the process of getting funds and assistance to those who need it.

6. Payment capture
Citizens select their preferred payment method and enter their payment information.

7. Payment
Citizens receive digital payment without in-person visits.

The large cost of disbursement gaps

Even after applicants are approved, organizations still face various challenges when it comes to disbursing payments to beneficiaries. Civic Assist can help in three key areas.

Speed of payments
Make instant and reliable disbursements. For those in need, disbursements can’t come quickly enough. 51% of US residents would prefer instant disbursements for tax, child support, subsidies, and other government payments.1

Check processing
Cut processing costs to free up funds. The cost for New York State to process a single check disbursement is $5.00.2 Check processing fees create large costs for small and local governments and can delay fund delivery by up to 10 business days.

Inaccurate data
Track payments and maintain accurate data. The outdated IT systems that many organizations still use prevent beneficiaries and agencies from tracking funds, making them unable to measure the impact and health of their programs.

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2 State of Payments: Study of the Payments of the State of New York, May 2019, Mercator Advisory Group.

Learn how you can help your community with Civic Assist