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Oracle for Research products and services

Discover galaxies. Find cures. Develop better ways to feed the planet. Your research matters—which is why we provide the cloud, apps, and technologies you need to achieve your next breakthrough.

Oracle for Research Cloud Starter Awards

Get a US$1,000 credit toward your choice of cloud storage, database, and service offerings. Host, process, analyze, share, and store research data on Oracle Cloud—no credit card required.

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Oracle for Research Project Awards

Our team provides hands-on consultations with our solutions architects, introduces you to peers for collaborative opportunities, assists in coauthoring and publishing papers, and helps share your discoveries with a broad audience.

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Oracle Open Data

Expedite discovery with instant access to the latest real-time datasets from trusted sources such as ZINC, GOES, MODIS, Landsat, AlphaFold, PDB, and more.

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Learn about our cloud infrastructure solutions for research institutions.

Built for your next scientific breakthrough

Get compute with 3X better price-performance than AWS

Deploy cost-effective, custom-built solutions for any workload or environment. Whether you’re on-premises, hybridized, on bare metal, or in the cloud, we’ll build the right environment for your goals and help you migrate to the cloud.

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Gain momentum in your research with GPUs

Tap into an array of virtual (vGPU) and physical GPU instances. We work directly with NVIDIA, AMD, ARM, Intel, and other manufacturers.

Explore GPU compute

Boost performance with bare metal

Only Oracle offers the option of bare metal servers in our cloud data centers. Get the fastest, most efficient, best-connected platforms for your high-performance analysis—and retain complete control of all layers.

Explore Oracle’s bare metal servers

Securely scale and sync your research data storage

No matter how much data your research generates, we’ve got storage configurations to fit your needs. Our storage offerings span on-demand local, object, file, block, archive, and flex storage—in varying OCPU and RAM configurations.

Explore Oracle Cloud storage
Texas A&M and Purdue University researchers optimize crop yields with Oracle HPC

Working collaboratively with Oracle for Research cloud experts, researchers at Texas A&M AgriLife and Purdue University created a collaborative database: UASHub. This new system curates massive amounts of data from satellites and drones that will help develop new ways for farmers to increase their fields’ output.

Accelerate your research with the latest technologies

Streamline research with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Use prebuilt AI, data science, and ML services to automate data analysis and enhance the speed at which insights are gathered.

Explore artificial intelligence

Simplify database management with smart, automated databases

Oracle Autonomous Database offers machine learning–based, analytical processing for all kinds of environments—including spatial, JSON, NoSQL, and MySQL—for expedited transaction processing and data warehousing.

Explore Oracle Autonomous Database

Get new insights faster with high performance computing (HPC)

Fast, flexible, hyperscale resources enable you to process large datasets and quickly uncover new insights.

Explore our HPC solution

Deploy secure, multicloud solutions for any workload or environment

Ours is the first public cloud built from the ground up to be a better cloud for every app. With one cloud provider, you can use flexible, multicloud deployments that are configured for your unique requirements.

Explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Get hands-on with our research capabilities.

Develop new insights with real-time data analysis

Bring all your research data together with integrated data storage

Manage, catalog, and process your raw data with our object storage and Hadoop-based data lakes. Plus, use Spark for processing and your tool of choice for analytics.

Explore Oracle Big Data

Engage data warehouse technologies and gain deeper, richer insights faster

Power your research using data warehousing and analytics with zero-downtime scaling, autonomous data guards, and built-in machine learning, spatial, and graph capabilities.

Explore Oracle data warehousing

Visualize and model your research and gain new perspective

Load in and explore data through interactive visualizations, find new ways to view information, and create reports and dashboards.

Explore Oracle Analytics Cloud

Get support for your research data—no matter your discipline

From exploratory data analysis onward, we support geoinformatics, cardiomics, neuroinformatics, chemometrics, and more.

Explore Oracle’s data science platform

Drug discovery at light speed—Oracle Cloud “makes it so.”

Oracle products for research institutions

We partner closely with research institutions to drive successful outcomes for research projects

We work to build, integrate, deploy, secure, analyze, and collaborate across applications and data. We’re here to help you build a system that will fully support your team and your stakeholders—from the moment they apply for grants to when their papers publish, and beyond.

Discover cloud solutions for government and education

Grants management offerings

Grant and contract funding management requires full control and visibility. Whether you’re at an institution of higher education, a government agency, or a nonprofit, the proper management of your grants is key to safeguarding this integral revenue stream. We offer solutions that will help you with award management, spending controls, grants billing, indirect costs, and more.

Human capital management (HCM) for research institutions

Recruiting and developing the best research team can be a challenge—and it’s one we want to help you solve. With our HCM solutions, we provide a single system to manage all HR data and processes, enabling you to track and manage your teams and support them in meeting their goals and developing their careers.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) for research institutions

From research project proposals to funding, formation, and management, we have the project management tools to help manage the planning, budgeting, and forecasting for your institution’s research projects. Our ERP software supports accurate budget tracking and streamlines the source-to-pay process through automation and collaboration—all while controlling expenditure.

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Oracle for Research Cloud Starter Awards

Apply for a US$1,000 credit toward Oracle Cloud storage and services.

Oracle for Research Project Awards

Get special benefits–just for researchers–that extend beyond technology.