CEO message

Forward-thinking leadership

How do we stand before a transforming world and be of greatest service? How might we help people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities? These are the questions that drive us, that shape our mission—and our service takes many forms.

Technologically, we’re solving some of the world's most challenging problems here at Oracle. We’re building a new generation of modern, secure healthcare information systems that will help healthcare providers lower costs, improve patient outcomes, and drive community health efforts that result in new treatments and better public health policy. We’re helping countries in Africa manage large-scale vaccination programs in the cloud, contain major diseases, and save lives. Worldwide, our technology is enabling organizations large and small, across industries, to operate sustainably and develop solutions to tackle climate change.

Philanthropically, we’re investing in social impact organizations whose work is critical to solving the challenges facing society today and tomorrow. Organizations funded by Oracle Giving are achieving transformational change in areas ranging from food security to educational equity to environmental conservation. In fiscal year 2022, we gave more than US$20 million to nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations around the world that are as rigorous and effective as they are caring.

We’re swift to act in times of crisis. In response to the war in Ukraine, we gave US$1 million to World Central Kitchen, International Medical Corps, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). We then matched donations from Oracle employees to help people affected by the war, together contributing another US$1.6 million. We also donated technology and consulting services to UNHCR and the Norwegian Refugee Council, streamlining their operations and enabling them to focus on the humanitarian crisis on the ground.

We’re volunteering our time and talents. We began fiscal year 2022 with a 24-hour celebration of the Oracle Volunteering program’s 30th anniversary. Every year, Oracle Volunteers support students and educators, protect nature, and strengthen communities by helping people in need. They know that social change takes inspired action, sweat, and skill. More and more, we’re inviting nonprofit partners to bring us their problems and then matching them with teams of Oracle Volunteers who use their business and technical skills to design solutions that accelerate positive change.

We’re committed to education and have been for more than three decades. Beyond our contributions to the field through Oracle Giving and Volunteering, we run our own initiatives. Oracle Academy, which provides educational institutions with free access to a variety of curricula and technologies, including Oracle Cloud, expanded its offerings in fiscal year 2022 and received wide recognition for its impact. Oracle Education Foundation introduced a new curriculum combining design thinking with futures thinking, plus coding and physical computing, preparing young people to design and build what’s needed next. Both of our programs give special attention to young women, girls, and other historically marginalized student populations because the playing field isn’t going to level itself.

Culturally, we’re supporting diversity and inclusion, teamwork, continuous learning, and the overall well-being of our employees. These efforts earned us awards from the Great Place to Work Institute as well as a 100 percent rating on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index for the 16th consecutive year.

Environmentally, we’re doubling down on our commitment to protect and restore the earth. Our ambitious sustainability goals include a commitment to power all operations, including Oracle Cloud, with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025. Further, we’re committed to cutting emissions in half across our operations and supply chain by 2030 and to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Worldwide, we’re embedding sustainability across our enterprise and delivering innovative cloud technology to accelerate meaningful change for our customers and our planet.

Throughout this report, we demonstrate Oracle’s commitment to being at the forefront of environmental and social impact. We know that to tackle the world’s most important problems our technology, philanthropy, sustainability, and culture all need to be in alignment and our workforce needs to reflect the diversity of the communities we live in, work in, and serve. Everyone here is on a mission to serve a transforming world and to help our customers do amazing things. We hope you’ll share this information with others, and if you’d like to share your feedback with us, please write to us at

Safra Catz,
Chief Executive Officer