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Hyperion Performance Scorecard

Hyperion Performance Scorecard

Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard (Performance Scorecard) is a packaged Balanced Scorecard Collaborative certified application that helps companies clearly articulate strategy and goals, communicate them across the enterprise and monitor key performance indicators.
Performance Scorecard provides a flexible approach to development of scorecards, supporting bespoke and recognized scorecarding methodologies and industry benchmarks. This solution offers complete strategy and accountability mapping capabilities, as well as Web-based message boards, forums and discussion threads.
Hyperion Performance Scorecard is the logical complement to any Enterprise Performance Management implementation providing an enhanced strategic & operational perspective, in addition to tactical dashboard deployments.
Performance Scorecard shares common administration, user management, and installation and configuration support with other Oracle Performance Management applications. This common infrastructure provides one point of access for end users to all content while reducing the maintenance required from IT professionals.


What's New

Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Fusion Edition V.11.1.1 Release Highlights
  • Portlet Pages - You can now create portlet pages that provide access to specific Performance Scorecard data, from these industry-standard portals:
  • Oracle
  • SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal
  • IBM WebSphere 6.0
  • BEA WebLogic
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
Multivalue Targets
  • Set up targets to have multiple values for a given date.
  • This enables you to more meaningfully evaluate measure performance using target for which you define low-level subtargets that represent thresholds and tolerances.
Scores Calculated Using Targets
  • Calculate, measure, and scorecard scores using targets
  • Provide and depict performance levels as gauged by targets
Differing Target and Result Frequencies
  • Measure results and target values collected at a different times and determined by different frequencies.
Simultaneous Target and Result Entry
  • Enter new or missing results and targets (single and multi-value) at the same time using the Results & Targets tab of a Measure Detail Report.
  • If you use as an external data source, period-to-date result values are written to the database.
  • Period-To-Date Results - Authorized users and result collectors can now enter period-to-date (PTD) results using Result Collection and Measure Detail Reports. Results entered override those calculated using a formula or function.
  • Embedded custom reports - You can now display custom reports pertaining to measures in individual tabs on the Measure Details Report.
  • Import/Export Utility Updates - These changes have been made to the Import/Export Utility that enable you to load data to or export data from Performance Scorecard:
  • Measure Metadata - Supports multivalue targets and multiple target frequencies.
  • Target Metadata - Supports targets with multiple values (subtargets). To import or export multivalue targets you must specify the parent target and the number of subtargets.
  • Add Named Ranges to Measure Template - Enables you to load a custom range to a template to generate dimensional measures.
  • Dimension and Dimension Member - Enables you to import and export custom dimensions and members from a supported external data source.
  • Display by Domain and Performance Level - Sort data on the Browser View by domains that represent geographic or functional areas. This enables you to display only the maps, measures, scorecards, initiatives and employee associated with a particular domain, such as a Marketing department, providing a context or business-specific approach to application data and group data for hierarchical navigation.
  • User Interface Improvements - In addition to more intuitive display of data on the Object and Browser view, these user interaction improvements have been made: Consistent drill-down and object expansion on the Browser View and reports. You can access detailed data as follows:
  • Drill-down on dimensional measures
  • Expand composite measures to show their children
  • Expand composite measures to drill down on related scorecards
  • Expand scorecards to display its constituent measures and scorecards on which you can drill down
  • Expand initiatives to shown sub-initiatives
  • Column re-sizing on all reports except Measure and Scorecard Trending Tables.