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2022 оны 6-р сарын 21
NRI Deploys Second OCI Dedicated Region to Run Key Financial Services on a Highly Available, Secure Cloud Platform

Leading consulting and IT solutions provider expands its distributed cloud strategy to run its popular financial SaaS applications.

2022 оны 6-р сарын 21
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Expands Distributed Cloud Services with OCI Dedicated Region and Previews Compute Cloud@Customer

OCI Dedicated Regions brings the full public cloud to more customers and more customer data centers with a new, smaller infrastructure footprint and lower price.

2022 оны 6-р сарын 15
Oracle Happiness Report: More Than 9 in 10 Asians Prefer Brands with a Sense of Humor

Global study finds 85% of JAPAC people are looking for new experiences to make them smile

2022 оны 6-р сарын 13
Oracle Announces Fiscal 2022 Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Full Year Financial Results

Total quarterly revenues were up 5% year-over-year in USD and up 10% in constant currency to $11.8 billion.

2022 оны 6-р сарын 7
Oracle Completes Acquisition of Cerner

Oracle Corporation announced that a majority of the outstanding shares of Cerner Corporation were validly tendered, and the other conditions to the tender offer have been satisfied or waived.

2022 оны 6-р сарын 1
Oracle Purchase of Cerner Approved

Oracle Corporation announced that all required antitrust approvals have been obtained for its proposed acquisition of Cerner, including European Commission clearance.

2022 оны 5-р сарын 24
Oracle Enhances its Comprehensive Cloud Security Capabilities with Integrated Threat Management

New capabilities fortify defenses across Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and the Oracle applications stack to help customers protect their applications and data.

2022 оны 5-р сарын 17
Oracle Interconnect for Azure Momentum Continues

More connection points come online to meet growing demand.

2022 оны 5-р сарын 13
Prophecy International Sees Bright Future with Oracle and VMware

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution improves Prophecy’s backup speed and restore speed making them 10-12 times faster

2022 оны 4-р сарын 25
Corporate progress on ESG issues is partly a big data challenge, global research finds

When it comes to corporate progress on environmental, social, and governance issues, there’s still a big disconnect between what the public wants to see and what companies are actually delivering.

2022 оны 4-р сарын 20
Oracle Delivers Extreme Database Performance and Scale with Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M

Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M accelerates database OLTP workloads in the cloud with 2.5 times more database cores and 87 percent more OLTP IOPS than the previous generation for the same price.

2022 оны 4-р сарын 20
66% of People in Asia Pacific and Japan Believe Bots Will Succeed Where Humans Have Failed with Corporate Sustainability

Global study finds 94% of respondents in JAPAC believe society has not made enough progress on sustainability and social efforts

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