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Prepare for a Pageless Future and Commerce Everywhere

Commerce is the engine that powers digital sales and revenue across the organization, offering new paths to discovery and satisfying the constantly evolving demands of modern consumers. At Modern Customer Experience, you can find inspiration and education to help your business prepare for commerce everywhere.

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Come Away with a Roadmap to the Future of Commerce

  • Prepare for pageless commerce opportunities everywhere—in cars, on television, in images—that are not only click-driven, but voice-driven.
  • Craft custom, one-of-a-kind experiences—at scale and in the moment—that satisfy modern buyers’ evolving expectations.
  • Experiment with new business models such as subscription services, marketplaces, B2B ecommerce, and direct-to-consumer sales.
  • Assemble the next-generation commerce technology stack in the cloud, explore headless options and microservices, and integrate the back office.

Answer the Call for Ideas

Is your commerce team delivering effortless and personalized experiences for consumers and business buyers? How are you helping IT remove legacy technology roadblocks on your way to the cloud? What customer insights are making the difference in your success? Are you powering digital sales and revenue for your company? How are you working to build customer loyalty, affinity, and advocacy? How has working with Oracle helped? Tell us your commerce story at Modern Customer Experience at MBX.

Deadline: October 25, 2019.

Douglas Melo

“I attend to gain insights, learn the latest innovations, and access use cases I can apply in my organization.“

—Douglas Melo, Head of Ecommerce, WebContinental

Participate in the 14th Annual Markie Awards

The Markie Awards honor standout customer experiences from across the commerce world, including best international campaign, best innovation, and best ROI in commerce. Discover the most prestigious awards program in the industry and sign up to be alerted when the call for submissions opens.

Join Commerce Legends in the Hero Hub

The CX Hero Hub is an online community for customers to connect, learn, and get recognized. Join today and contribute your input for Modern Customer Experience, including topics, entertainers, speakers, and more. Start networking with your commerce peers now.

Preview Sessions for the 2020 Conference

  • Digital Commerce: Building Your Path to the Future
  • State of Digital Retail and Practical Approaches for Staying Ahead
  • How Leading B2B Brands are Creating Next-Generation Buying Experiences
  • Going Headless: Which Commerce Deployment Model is Right For You?
  • The Future of Personalized, Immersive Experiences
Review commerce content from last year’s event.

Future of Commerce

The rise of online selling is intertwined with constant innovation within a broad ecosystem of applications. Learn how Oracle CX can help pave your path to the future.

Next-Generation Buying Experiences

Consumer expectations are pushing organizations to rethink selling, from self-service configurations for complex products and services to subscription-based selling models and online and offline sales channels working together. Explore what it takes to deliver next-gen buying experiences.

Attract, Optimize, and Convert

Swap tips and tricks with fellow marketers and merchandisers on how to attract customers and optimize their experiences for higher conversion.

Create Lifetime Loyalty

Reward your best customers and build lasting relationships by ensuring that commerce, loyalty, and marketing all work together.

Launch New Business Models

Find out how your peers are attacking new markets, launching new business models such as subscriptions, and developing innovative programs to drive more online revenue.

Personalize with Content

Learn how to efficiently manage content to optimize and personalize commerce interactions, and prepare for a pageless future.

Enhance and Extend Commerce

Discover tips and best practices on how to enhance, customize, and extend Oracle commerce solutions while maintaining application performance.

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