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Master the New Science
of Sales

The way customers browse and buy has changed dramatically. So too has the art and science of sales. At Modern Customer Experience, learn how to use connected customer data and intelligence to maximize customer trust and revenue results.

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Walk Away with the Keys to Building a Modern Sales Engine

  • Plan technology investments and prepare your workforce for the shift from in-person field sales to digital selling.
  • Leverage advanced customer intelligence to add value in every interaction and build trusted-advisor relationships with customers.
  • Center sales and marketing conversations around shared commercial goals and collaborate to orchestrate moments of value.
  • Team up with finance and HR leaders to create smart sales plans that are ready to go on day one.

Answer the Call for Ideas

Is your sales team putting win after win up on the board? How are you helping reps add more value to conversations, whenever and wherever customers are ready? How are you removing friction from the sales process? What customer data is helping, and how are you partnering with marketing to make the most of the leads they pass on to you? Are you working with your colleagues to deliver smart sales plans that are crystal clear and motivating? How has working with Oracle made a difference? Tell us your sales story at Modern Customer Experience at MBX.

Deadline: October 25, 2019.

Dainah Kibera

“It’s exciting to meet with the Oracle product teams, network with other users, and see demos of new features.”

—Dainah Kibera, Sales Operations Manager, Kenya Airways

Participate in the 14th Annual Markie Awards

The Markie Awards honor standout customer experiences from across the world of sales, including best lead management program, best innovation, and best ROI in sales. Discover the most prestigious awards program in the industry and sign up to be alerted when the call for submissions opens.

Join Sales Legends in the Hero Hub

The CX Hero Hub is an online community for customers to connect, learn, and get recognized. Join today and contribute your input for Modern Customer Experience, including topics, entertainers, speakers, and more. Start networking with your sales peers now.

Preview Sessions for the 2020 Conference

  • Advance the New Science of Sales with Deeper, More Diverse Data
  • CX Sales Roadmap + Maturity Planning: The Path to Sophisticated Selling
  • Sales Operations' Path to VP: Get Ready for an Excellent Adventure
  • Faster and More Furious: Accelerating Sales from Order Through Renewals
  • Tips and Tricks for Incentive Compensation Power Users
  • Building a Data Strategy for Go-to-Market Efficiency Meetup
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Advance the New Science of Sales

Master the new science and art of sales, and then keep going. See how to keep pace with accelerating buyer needs, digital sales optimization for today’s sellers, and the focus on collaborative revenue optimization between the front and back office.

Become a Revenue Hero

Sales planning is the most fundamental process in any business. Discover how to leverage historical actuals, past and current data, and real-time market intelligence to create sales plans that drive superior sales performance.

Unleash Sales Potential with Data

Combine your sales and customer data with publicly accessible data and market signals, and you have all the building blocks for smarter selling. Learn how to combine, clean, and manage that data for the best sales outcomes.

Build Your System of Recommendation

Eliminate unnecessary pipeline risk, focus on the best opportunities, and make smarter decisions to advance the deal. See how Oracle delivers intelligent guidance and conversational, action-oriented selling tools so you can sell more, faster.

Maximize Market Impact with CPQ

Learn how to maximize your growth into new markets leveraging the value of CPQ to speed response to customers and remove barriers to entry for new products.

Sell More and Sell Faster

Learn how to work smarter and respond faster using the combined power of Oracle Engagement Cloud and CPQ to offer the right solutions to the right customers at the right price.

Embrace the Shift to Total Sales

The lines continue to blur as buyers blend online discovery with selective sales guidance. Get ready to support the complete and connected sale from ecommerce to digital, and field sales to renewal.

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