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Automate Service and Unleash the Enthusiasts

Service experiences drive customer loyalty and differentiation in a market brimming with options. At Modern Customer Experience, learn how innovative technologies can help automate and personalize service experiences across all channels and predict customer issues.

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Go Home with a Blueprint for the Future of Service

  • Raise customer service to a C-level conversation so it becomes a core pillar of business strategy.
  • Balance the human workforce with automation to deliver the best service experiences for customers.
  • Adopt emerging technologies to take advantage of the gig economy in field service.
  • Leverage IoT and artificial intelligence to enable predictive failure and predictive service.
  • Harness and distribute knowledge at scale inside and outside your organization to support digital self-service and contact center models.

Answer the Call for Ideas

Is your customer service team putting the cherry on top of the sundae of your brand image? How are you helping agents anticipate and resolve problems before customers even notice? How are you using automation and intelligence to build an army of product enthusiasts? Are you empowering customers to self-serve? How is data tipping the balance in your ability to provide legendary experiences that customers will return to again and again? How has working with Oracle helped? Tell us your service story at Modern Customer Experience at MBX.

Deadline: October 25, 2019.

Traci Scott

“I enjoy the training, product roadmaps, and meeting others who share my passion for leveraging technology and innovation to improve CX.”

—Traci Scott, Senior Business Analyst II, Pella Corporation

Participate in the 14th Annual Markie Awards

The Markie Awards honor standout customer experiences from across the world of service, including best CX ecosystem, best innovation in service, and best omnichannel experience. Discover the most prestigious awards program in the industry and sign up to be alerted when the call for submissions opens.

Join Service Legends in the Hero Hub

The CX Hero Hub is an online community for customers to connect, learn, and get recognized. Join today and contribute your input for Modern Customer Experience, including topics, entertainers, speakers, and more. Start networking with your service peers now.

Preview Sessions for the 2020 Conference

  • Transition from a Contact Center to a Center of Enthusiasts
  • Human vs. Robot: How to Maximize Value with Digital Assistants
  • Past to Present to Future: Modernizing Your Field Service Organization
  • How to Get Rid of One of Your Toughest Service Issues
  • Create an In-store Service Experience in an Ecommerce World
  • Stretch Your Imagination: Innovative Leaders Share Knowledge, Strategies, and Ideas
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