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Oracle Data Visualization—Capabilities

Visualize Business Insights

Get instant clarity to improve your business with stunningly visual analysis and self-service discovery. Now, more people can explore more data and gain new insights faster. Any data—anytime, anywhere.

  • Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

    Blend and visually analyze both enterprise and personal data.

  • Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

    Decipher your data with intelligent visuals.

  • Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

    Drag and drop your way to compelling analysis.

  • Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

    See the story in your data via rich, interactive visuals.


Oracle Data Visualization gives you the best of both worlds: accurate, consistent analytics you can rely on and the ease-of-use and speed you need to change it.


Rich, interactive visuals show the story in your data and make it easy to share insights.

  • Capture insights and add comments to create visual stories
  • Collaborate with coworkers simply by sharing stories



As easy as you expect—upload your data, then drag and drop your way to compelling analysis.

  • Point and click to upload any data, personal and managed
  • See your data visualized automatically



Get more answers as quick as a click with fast, fluid exploration of all your data.

  • Search for what you need and get to data quickly thanks to guided navigation
  • Analyze any data, anywhere with instant mobile



Decipher your data with visuals that are automatically connected and contextual.

  • Highlight one visual to automatically see related information in the others
  • Add new data and see intelligent updates as you go


Automatically analyze data from multiple sources and easily create intelligent integrations.

  • Use pre-built data connections to load and integrate data from a wide variety of sources
  • Combine information to uncover new insights



Oracle Data Visualization is available in every environment and is always automatically mobile.



Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that enables you to visually explore analytical data to get instant clarity. With powerful visual analytics, everyone in your organization can get fast answers. Drag and drop data to see your data visualized automatically. Change layouts to present new insights. Other benefits include:

  • Web-based
  • Affordable (low-cost subscription)
  • Easily highlight and share insights
  • Requires no specialized IT resources or support
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Get fast insights with stunning visual analysis delivered to your desktop. Oracle Data Visualization Desktop makes it easy to visualize data so you can make sense of interesting patterns and outliers. Upload data files, connect to databases or Oracle applications, and select new elements. Watch the visualizations display automatically. Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight, single-file download
  • User control of data connections and analyses
  • Available offline
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On Premises

On Premises

Data Visualization in Oracle Business Intelligence 12c (BI 12c) offers a rich consumer-like experience that is now common across Oracle’s analytics portfolio. Oracle BI 12c provides a strategic platform that serves your entire organization’s business intelligence needs. Take your analytics to the next level with self-service data discovery and automatic visualization combined with the power of an enterprise platform, including operational analysis at scale, security, reliability, extreme performance, and centralized management.

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