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Fusion Analytics Capabilities Explorer

Deployment and administration

Oracle Fusion Analytics is provisioned as a cloud native service hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which means that it stays current with Oracle Cloud Applications releases. No need for manual upgrades and synchronization.

Provisioning Fusion Analytics

The following are common tasks performed in the provisioning process of Fusion Analytics:

Figure 1: Common tasks performed in the provisioning process

Upgrades and patches

Oracle Fusion Analytics eliminates the need for manual upgrades, synchronization, and deployments as all custom extensions are preserved across upgrades. It stays current when the source Oracle Cloud Application is upgraded with new releases. Update releases will include new analytics capabilities; support for new pillars, modules, data models, KPIs, cards, and dashboards; and new releases to the Oracle Analytics Platform.

Capacity sizing

Sufficient capacity is included to accommodate all prebuilt Oracle Cloud Application data and content. The embedded Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse autoscales to accommodate peak loads of the prebuilt data pipeline. Loading non-Oracle Cloud Applications data requires appropriate sizing and extra capacity if greater than 50 Gb.

User authentication

By default, Oracle Fusion Analytics is provisioned with single sign-on by Oracle Identity Cloud Service, which synchronizes users and out-of-the-box roles from Oracle Cloud Applications. In addition, Oracle Identity Cloud Service can also synchronize users with other third-party systems.

Figure 2: Synchronization of Oracle Cloud Applications user access to Oracle Fusion Analytics

After the initial synchronization, any additional users in your Oracle Cloud Applications instance are automatically made available in your federated Oracle Identity Cloud Service instance. Optionally, users can easily be added, modified, or removed through the user management option in the Oracle Fusion Analytics console.

User authorization

The security administration module in Oracle Fusion Analytics maps out-of-the-box Oracle Cloud Application job roles to predefined Oracle Fusion Analytics data and duty roles.

Security administration allows custom configuration of users, groups, roles, and data security context to provide access to subject areas, dashboards, and row-level data security.

Figure 3: Understanding of the security objects