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AfrAsia Bank goes global with Oracle Cloud

AfrAsia Bank provides in-person financial services to clients in more than 160 countries and depends on Oracle Cloud for up-to-date, accessible data.

INDUSTRY: Financial Services
LOCATION: Mauritius

See how Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud can help your business prosper.

About the customer

Personal touch, global reach

The relationship managers at AfrAsia Bank know their customers by name. They work with business and private banking clients around the world, traveling from corporate headquarters on the island nation of Mauritius to meet each one in person for financial planning, wealth management, and other banking services. This model makes hiring the best people essential, and the competition for talent is tough on tiny Mauritius. So AfrAsia Bank decided it needed to move to cloud applications to give employees and customers the experience they expect.

AfrAsia Bank’s high-touch, global strategy has led to growing deposits and geographic reach, expanding to customers in 160 countries.

Our whole banking proposition is based on our customer relationships. We know each customer by name.
Maureen Treanor, Head of Human Resources and Change Management, AfrAsia Bank

Customer Story

A better employee experience

AfrAsia Bank wanted to move the bank’s applications to the cloud to ensure data security while offering employees and customers the same kind of intuitive and mobile applications they use in their personal lives.

The bank started started by replacing the finance team’s Excel spreadsheets with Oracle ERP Cloud to provide a single source of accurate information. It only took about four months to implement Oracle ERP Cloud’s procurement, accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable, and fixed assets modules.

The success of the ERP implementation led the bank to move its human resources applications to Oracle HCM Cloud. Today the bank uses the platform to offer standardized HR programs and benefits. The talent management modules help the bank attract, evaluate, and hire job candidates and the performance management modules help managers evaluate and coach staff.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle Cloud HCM

AfrAsia Bank cut in half the time employees need to do certain routine HR tasks by using Oracle HCM Cloud to provide self-service features.

By using Oracle Cloud we don’t have to invest in R&D, because Oracle has thousands of people doing that for us.

Maureen Treanor, Head of HR and Change Management, AfrAsia Bank