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Changba gains financial agility with Oracle Cloud

To stay ahead in a fast-moving market, Changba is evolving its mobile karaoke app to a pan-music content community with a new slogan: Enjoy Music on Changba. The company relies on Oracle Cloud ERP to help its financial management capabilities keep up with its growth.

INDUSTRY: Media and Entertainment

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About the customer

Not the same old song

Changba Technology launched its core product, a mobile karaoke app, in 2012. The app gained more than a million users in its first 10 days, surpassing 100 million within 480 days. It integrated karaoke and social capabilities and created new online karaoke scenarios through games, song sharing, and more.

To stay competitive, Changba continuously innovates and expands its business scope. It has deployed Changba Mysong KTV and miniK, developed intelligent hardware like Changba Microphone, and successfully launched a variety of new products such as Changba Play and Sing, Changba Live House, and Magic Play and Sing to constantly break the boundaries of "playing music". The company provides users with a full range of personalized and interactive music services.

Changba, a leader in China's mobile karaoke market, scaled to the top of the country's free-app list in just five days.

As the leading pan-music content community in China, Changba continues to launch new products, games, and services, and takes the spirit of innovation to an extreme by constantly developing 'black technologies' for sound. We strive to help all music lovers 'Enjoy Music' on Changba.
Yinyin Zhang, Finance Manager, Changba Technology

Customer Story

Data-informed innovation

More than 90% of mobile karaoke app users are young people whose interests and loyalties tend to change quickly. To boost competitiveness, Changba morphed its app into a pan-music content community, providing new creative tools, music services, and music author programs. Changba needed a modern financial management system to keep pace. The company chose Oracle Cloud ERP because its open architecture can be quickly integrated with other systems, and its user-friendly data extraction and analysis capabilities make it easy to conduct queries, create reports, and analyze data. Changba's deep analysis of its own user data and third-party market data now informs its ongoing development of new services that users are eager to adopt.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud ERP

In addition to streamlining finance processes and strengthening cost controls, Oracle Cloud ERP now lets Changba’s finance team provide role-based data analysis to help the company understand users and see opportunities.

Oracle Cloud ERP provides powerful data extraction and visual analysis capabilities that enable us to quickly identify problems and causes.

Yinyin Zhang, Finance Manager, Changba Technology