Generali selects Oracle SOA to streamline workforce planning for 76,000 employees globally

Generali chose Oracle SOA and HCM for comprehensive functionality, high performance, and flexible integration capabilities which matched the strict requirements of its global and diverse insurance business.


With Oracle HCM Cloud we moved from a decentralized HR model with non-standardized data and processes to a global and standardized HR function. This enabled us to significantly enhance strategic workforce planning and talent management across all our insurance businesses.

Alessandro ProtasoniHead of Group Strategic Workforce Planning, Assicurazioni Generali

Business challenges

  • Enhance group-level strategic workforce planning by implementing a global human capital management platform to provide transparent, detailed, and up-to-date headcount data across all insurance businesses at any time—instead of waiting for each branch to provide non-standardized HR data during budget time at the end of each year
  • Enable HR Global standard processes with consistent data, in line with market best practices across the insurance group by standardizing process throughout a range of HR functions including performance management, talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, and talent development
  • Adopt a common and global HR classifications for all the Countries including organizational information such as job titles and hierarchies, as well as employee data such as education level and experience—across more than 50 local and international branch offices operating a range of life and P&C insurance businesses
  • Support the strategy of the insurance group by facilitating employee mobility, improving succession planning, and ensuring standardized and objective performance reviews

Why Assicurazioni Generali chose Oracle

“We conducted a global tender for our HR transformation project, and chose Oracle HCM Cloud due to its comprehensive functionality, high performance, and flexible integration capabilities using Oracle Platform as a Service, which matched the strict requirements of our global and diverse insurance business.”
—Alessandro Protasoni, Head of Group Strategic Workforce Planning, Assicurazioni Generali


  • Improved HR service delivery by implementing Oracle HCM Cloud as a global HR management platform covering all Generali’s insurance businesses and branch offices worldwide—paving the way for global process standardization across key HR functions including performance management, talent development, compensation and benefits, and talent acquisition
  • Enabled smooth integration between centralized Oracle HCM Cloud and more than 50 legacy HR systems still used locally in each branch office—including those managed by external vendors—and fast provisioning by leveraging the highly flexible Oracle Integration Cloud Service, Oracle SOA Cloud Service, and Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Enhanced strategic workforce planning significantly by enabling rapid headcount reporting and analysis at a group level across all countries of operation and insurance businesses—encompassing more than 76,000 employees—where previous headcount reports were only available at year end
  • Consolidated data from more than 50 separate HR systems—managed locally by each branch—onto a unified cloud platform using common HR classifications, enabling global HR process standardization across all insurance businesses and countries of operation
  • Streamlined HR reporting and analytics thanks to a common set of biographic and organizational data and a global vocabulary—for example concerning job families, job bands, and solid or dotted reporting lines—significantly enhancing visibility into global workforce, and facilitating employee mobility across various insurance businesses
  • Enabled Generali’s 500 most senior management executives to manage the performance of their direct reports in a standardized way by deploying Oracle Performance Management Cloud Service—ensuring uniformity and objectivity of performance reviews and goal setting for 6,000 mid-management employees globally, while supporting and encouraging the planned rollout throughout the organization by 2018
  • Facilitated talent management, talent acquisition, and talent development by using a common HR language—for example, clarifying career progression opportunities for all employees globally, and enabling job postings to be consistent worldwide to enhance the insurer’s employer brand
  • Simplified and accelerated HR processes by providing HR staff and managers with an intuitive people management platform accessible at any time and from any device
  • Empowered Generali to configure different integration rules for each country’s HR system on Oracle Integration Cloud Service and homogenize all data according to a global taxonomy for optimized workforce planning on Oracle HCM Cloud


Generali selected Oracle Partner Deloitte for its Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud implementation and to integrate its legacy HR systems. Deloitte consultants developed a close partnership with Generali to understand its business requirements and successfully implement the full cloud solution within eight months.

“It is always important to have a well-recognized and certified system integrator, especially for a project of our size and scope. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Deloitte, who supported us throughout the project and have also assisted with user training and continual improvements,” Protasoni said.

Generali and Deloitte teamed to deliver a solution that is built to help the enterprise evolve and stay ready to navigate disruption.

Publicado:September 1, 2019