HealthSync uses Oracle Blockchain Platform to power more intelligent healthcare

HealthSync Inc. powers secure next-generation healthcare with Oracle Blockchain Platform

HealthSync is on a quest to improve the health of humanity and save lives by giving the right data to the right people at the right time—an enormous mission. The company is powering this important quest with its HealthSync Platform – a healthcare network as a service (HNaaS) which empowers healthcare organizations to share processes and data securely and on a need-to-know basis.
Oracle Blockchain Platform powers this next-generation platform, helping to implement remote patient monitoring and ensure accuracy and real-time availability of data to the distributed care team.

Healthcare infrastructures rely on siloed data, with each institution keeping independent records of the same information. Oracle Blockchain Platform enables our HealthSync Platform to aggregate data in a distributed ledger, giving providers a secure, single source of truth for better decision making.

Moses RajanCEO, HealthSync Inc.

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Business challenges

Reduce risk of post-surgical complications that are caused by poor coordination of care and a lack of real-time monitoring of key vitals; currently 27% of patients treated for congestive heart failure are readmitted to the hospital after release—with a death rate of 17%

Expedite the distribution of critical healthcare date to care teams

Reduce costs by eliminating post-surgical complications—the cost of additional healthcare services due to these complications is estimated at $12.7B

Create an extremely secure and scalable foundation for an HNaaS solution that is able to deliver patient healthcare data in real time to multiple parties

Oracle Blockchain Platform delivers a complete, production-ready solution. It is empowering us—and ultimately, healthcare providers—to share vital information more efficiently and securely for better outcomes.

Moses RajanCEO, HealthSync Inc.


Implemented remote monitoring of congestive heart failure patients to prevent readmissions by real-time monitoring of body weight, blood pressure, and heart rate and reporting these indicators to appropriate care team members in real-time using distributed ledger technology

Provided a highly secure single source of truth at the core of the HNaaS platform by combining a permission distributed ledger enabled by Oracle Blockchain Platform with a powerful healthcare modeling language to ensure all care team members see the same data at the same time

Completed a successful pilot using HNaaS to enable remote patient monitoring with the goal of reducing hospital readmissions through real-time tracking of key vitals  

Created a path toward more effective, efficient, and secure healthcare with a solution to eliminate unsecured siloes of redundant information across multiple organizations—which result in operational latency, expensive reconciliation requirements, and gaps in care

Ensured agility to support a rapidly evolving HNaaS ecosystem with Oracle Blockchain Platform, which enables rapid provisioning of blockchain cloud instances, speedy deployment of chaincode, and efficient onboarding of new partner organizations to support numerous use cases 

Accelerated time to market, eased administrative burden, and simplified IT infrastructure with a complete, production-ready, highly secure blockchain platform that also enables efficient control of member access privileges

Publicado:February 15, 2019

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