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Naveego cleans your data with the help of Oracle Cloud

Naveego runs its cloud-native data integration platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, bringing the company 60 percent savings as it helps customers prepare data for advanced analytics.

INDUSTRY: High Technology
LOCATION: United States

See how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help grow your business.

About the customer

Accuracy first

Before business decisions can be shaped by dashboards, data analytics, and machine learning, Naveego makes sure that the data involved is accurate. The cloud-native integration platform helps organizations streamline and convert their data into usable information, regardless of structure or schema. At the same time, it detects and eliminates data-accuracy problems. Its goal is to become the leader in cleansing datasets used to train artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

Naveego entered the big data and Internet of Things sectors in 2019 and has expanded from its early success in the oil and gas industry into 16 more industries, including healthcare and financial services.

Naveego cut its cloud infrastructure costs by 60 percent by switching from Amazon Web Services to Oracle.

When we’re finished, businesses have a golden record of their data that’s ready for analytics.
Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego

Customer Story

A 60 percent savings over AWS

Naveego initially ran its backend systems on Amazon Web Services, but it turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for cost savings and other benefits. Naveego needs its cloud platform to be highly available, so it runs instances in multiple availability domains. While AWS charges for communications back and forth between those availability zones, Oracle does not. “The cost difference ended up being huge for us,” CEO Katie Horvath says. “So we decided to move our cloud tenancies over to Oracle Cloud.” Oracle also brought advantages in terms of performance and scaling, she says.

The Oracle Cloud team also introduced Naveego to Oracle Marketplace, where Naveego can offer its platform to other companies, including Oracle customers and partners. From the marketplace, Naveego can help other companies realize the Oracle benefits it has gained, including the ability to bring in data from non-Oracle sources and get it running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Having test and dev environments on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has allowed Naveego to do more research and development, since it can spin up more environments while keeping within its budget.

We found Oracle’s approach to service to be much more personalized and responsive than other cloud vendors I’ve worked with. We felt like Oracle was folding us into its family.

Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego