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Data Lakehouse

A data lakehouse is a modern, open architecture that enables you to store, understand, and analyze all your data. It combines the power and richness of data warehouses with the breadth and flexibility of the most popular open source data lake technologies. You can use a data lakehouse on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to work with the latest AI frameworks and prebuilt AI services.

Highlights: The Future of the Data Lakehouse (9:49)
Pasa a un data lakehouse con experiencia guiada

Interactuar con nuestros expertos en data lakehouse ayuda a garantizar el éxito desde el principio. Nuestros ingenieros de nube proporcionan orientación sobre la planificación, el diseño de arquitectura, la creación de prototipos y la gestión de data lakehouses, para que puedas avanzar más rápido y con más confianza.

Patrones y prácticas comunes del data lakehouse

Obtén más información sobre patrones, mejores prácticas y arquitecturas para desplegar un data lakehouse en Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

El futuro del data lakehouse

Descubre cómo un data lakehouse en OCI proporciona una plataforma eficiente, integrada y automatizada que integra todos tus datos, ya sea en un almacén de datos, un lago de datos o una salida de aplicación, y agrega capacidades de análisis y aprendizaje automático para ayudarte a aprovechar al máximo tus datos.

Why a data lakehouse?

Modernize your data lake

An open source-based data lake makes it possible to work with more kinds of data. But the time and effort needed to manage it can be an ongoing disadvantage. With fully managed open source lakehouse services, OCI provides both lower costs and less management, so you can expect reduced operational costs, improved scalability and security, and the ability to incorporate all of your existing data in one place.

Transform your data warehouse

Data warehouses and data marts are critical to successful businesses, and extending them to a data lakehouse will deliver even more value. With a lakehouse, data can be accessed from multiple locations with a single SQL query. Existing applications and tools get transparent access to all data, with no changes and no need to learn new skills.

Advanced analytics for Oracle applications

Data generated by enterprise applications is highly valuable, but it’s rarely fully utilized. A lakehouse simplifies access to data from multiple applications and data sources, and enables sophisticated analysis that can mean the difference between a good quarter or a bad quarter.

Data lakehouse services from Oracle

Data management

Expect the flexibility of data lakes and the performance of data warehouses.

AI and machine learning

Gain insights from data with prebuilt AI models, or create your own.

Integration options

Extend and connect applications, data, and processes.

Consistent and transparent global pricing across regions

With a data lakehouse from Oracle, customers have the same low cloud pricing across all regions and services, enabling predictable spend forecasting as your lakehouse grows.

Small lakehouse
OCI Lakehouse architected for ~3.5 TB of data

All OCI services and components required to deploy a lakehouse on OCI for ~3.5 TB of data.


2 compute cores

1 TB of block storage

2.3 TB of object storage

starting from

US$2,140 per month

Medium lakehouse
OCI Lakehouse architected for ~17 TB of data

All OCI services and components required to deploy a lakehouse on OCI for ~17 TB of data


10 compute cores

5 TB of block storage

11.6 TB of object storage

starting from

US$10,701 per month

Large lakehouse
OCI Lakehouse architected for ~33 TB

All OCI services and components required to deploy a lakehouse on OCI for ~33 TB of data.


20 compute cores

10 TB of block storage

23.3 TB of object storage

starting from

US$22,152 per month

Financial services
Experian accelerates financial inclusivity with a data lakehouse on OCI
MineSense achieved 5x faster queries with a lakehouse on OCI
Beso unified data from 23 online sources with a variety of offline sources to build a data lake that will expand to 100 sources.
Sports technology
With a data lakehouse from Oracle, the Seattle Sounders manage 100x more data, generate insights 10x faster, and have reduced database management.

Data lakehouse partner ecosystem

Oracle partner solutions leverage and augment data lakehouses on OCI.

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Informatica is the preferred partner for data integration and governance for data warehouse and lakehouse solutions.

Get started with Oracle Data Lakehouse

Try Always Free cloud services and get a 30-day trial

Oracle offers a Free Tier with no time limits on selection of services like Autonomous Data Warehouse, Compute, and Storage, as well as US$300 in free credits to try additional cloud services. Get the details and sign up for your free account today.

  • What's included with Oracle Cloud Free Tier?

    • Always Free
    • 2 Autonomous Databases, 20 GB each
    • Compute VMs
    • 100 GB block volume
    • 10 GB object storage

Learn with a hands-on lab

The best way to learn is to try it yourself. Try this free data lakehouse workshop, which demonstrates a typical usage scenario and highlights some of the tools you can use to build a data lakehouse.

  • Access the Data Lake using Autonomous Database and Data Catalog

    The labs in this workshop walk you through the steps you need to access a data lake created with Oracle Object Storage buckets by using Oracle Autonomous Database and OCI Data Catalog.

    Start data lake access lab
  • Get Started with Oracle Big Data Service

    Learn how to create and monitor a highly available Hadoop cluster using Big Data Service and OCI. You’ll also add Oracle Cloud SQL to the cluster and access the utility and master node, and learn how to use Cloudera Manager and Hue to access the cluster directly in a web browser.

    Start the data lake lab
  • Build the Perfect Digital Assistant for Your Business

    Learn how to work with chatbots focused on a specific set of capabilities, and master chatbots containing multiple specialized skills.

    Start the digital assistant lab
  • Get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Anomaly Detection

    Discover how to use OCI Anomaly Detection to create customized machine learning models. You’ll take data uploaded by users, use a specialized algorithm to train a model, and deploy the model into the cloud environment to detect anomalies.

    Start the anomaly detection lab now

Contact sales

Interested in learning more about a data lakehouse? Let one of our experts help.

  • They can answer questions such as

    • How do I get started with a data lakehouse on Oracle?
    • What can I do with a data lakehouse that I can’t do with a data warehouse?
    • How can my business benefit from a data lakehouse?