Funciones de Exadata Database Service

Las capacidades empresariales llevan sus iniciativas digitales al siguiente nivel

Exadata Database Service facilita la migración de las cargas de trabajo a la nube, ya que admite todas las funciones, opciones y paquetes de gestión de Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE).

All Oracle Database 23ai features

Develop innovative applications and improve operations with Oracle Database 23ai. Take advantage of AI Vector Search for sematic search, JSON Relational Duality for powerful and efficient document handling, and much more.

Zero downtime updates and scaling

Increase availability with server-level fault tolerance, non-disruptive maintenance, and resource scaling with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

Higher density consolidation

Consolidate databases and free up time from mundane operational tasks by standardizing processes on a unified cloud platform that supports tens to thousands of databases on a single Exadata cloud environment.

Maximum scalability

Expand your initial Exadata cloud configuration by independently scaling compute and storage servers to right-size your environment as needed.

Enterprise-class business continuity

Reduce downtime and simplify operational management with zero downtime maintenance, online scaling, and one-click provisioning of Oracle RAC and Oracle Active Data Guard via built-in cloud automation.

Automated data protection

Leverage Exadata Database Service’s automatic or manual database backups with your choice of backup destination and scheduling.