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Construction Payment Management

Boost efficiency in construction payment management with streamlined and accurate billing, timely payments, and effective compliance controls. Prevent errors and delays with process automation and gain visibility into downstream payments to lessen the risk of disruption.

Learn how owners and contractors can score payment process wins.

Automation helps DPR save 360 hours per week on subcontractor invoice processing
Austin Commercial speeds subcontractor payment cycles by >60% and reduces lien waiver risk
Healthcare system boosts control and cuts lien waiver management time by 90%
Midsize general contractor Ryder virtually eliminates the risk of inaccurate invoices
Kitchell Contractors saves 445 hours per month with streamlined compliance processes

Keep payments flowing and construction projects progressing

Boost efficiency at every step in the construction payment process

Reduce errors and delays by automatically generating accurate invoice documents. Shorten draw cycles with simplified invoice approvals and compliance controls. Streamline payment preparation and disbursement.

Explore process automation

Mitigate risk with controls on legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements

Centralize compliance documents for easier tracking. Keep audit trails of user actions, electronic signatures, and payment documents. Facilitate the secure digital exchange of lien waivers for payments.

Explore payment risk controls

See what’s happening downstream to spot issues that could delay payments

Get early visibility into potential issues from missing compliance or other critical documents such as insurance, safety reports, or DBE status. Automate communications so everyone can make prompt corrections.

Explore subtier compliance visibility

Analyze data to find improvement opportunities and cost savings

Equip everyone with the right analysis and reporting for payments data. Get a portfolio-wide view into payment and task status. Quickly see and communicate key project metrics.

Explore rich payment analytics

“We liked Oracle Textura Payment Management so much, we used the tool on our next job and on all subsequent jobs.”

Bill Freeswick

Chief Financial Officer, Ryder Construction

Subcontractor AMC benefits from faster payments, easier processes, better visibility

Janet Poses, Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle

Explore how Oracle Textura Payment Management helps create happy subcontractors.

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