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Utility Analytics from Oracle

Master your data with robust yet simple-to-use analytics tools built specifically for utilities. Visualize data clearly across systems and discover fresh insights. The power of data science, AI, and machine learning (ML) is at your fingertips.

Learn about utility analytics, from network to customer.

Oracle Utilities analytics solutions

Awareness to inform operations

Powered by Oracle’s in-memory database, Oracle Utilities analytics solutions provide real-time analytics for mission-critical operations, such as outage management and business intelligence.

Insights to inform investment

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Oracle Utilities analytics solutions offer powerful predictive analytics to identify and diagnose anomalies with real-world business implications.

Customer insights

Simplify time-intensive tasks like billing exception management. Understand trends among your customers, and identify electric vehicle owners for targeted recommendations and service.

Metering insights

Apply meter-specific algorithms—such as meter health, deployment performance, and theft and loss detection—to increase your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) investment value.

Grid insights

Use our proven algorithms to monitor transformer asset condition, improve distribution network model accuracy, and keep pace with changing conditions in the field, all for safer and more efficient operations.

Human-powered pattern recognition

While AI and ML drive major advances in analytics, the human eye remains one of the best tools for pattern recognition. Our robust visualization tools make it easy for users to develop visualizations that meet the needs of internal and external audiences.

Included with Oracle SaaS

Tap the processing power of Oracle Cloud to get more value out of your analytics—and from your technology investments. Oracle Utilities SaaS solutions include robust data visualization and business intelligence (BI) tools.

Data is the utility game changer

Oracle Utilities customers leverage data across their organizations to improve operational performance, deliver better service to customers, and make better strategic decisions.

Utility analytics products

01Oracle Utilities Analytics Visualization

Available on a standalone or bundled basis, this real-time analytics solution meets most utility visualization and data exploration needs.

02Oracle Utilities Analytics Insights

Leverage robust AMI-based operational analytics with a wide array of proven utility use cases to reach closed-loop operational and financial value.

Datasheet: Oracle Utilities Analytics Insights (PDF)

03Oracle Utilities Analytics Warehouse

Gain a deep historical view of data from Oracle Utilities applications with pre-built and ad hoc analytics, advanced reporting, and simplified publishing.

Datasheet: Oracle Utilities Analytics Warehouse (PDF)

Analytics for asset management...something new to tell

Rahul Desai, Director, Oracle Product Management, and Sudhanshu Goel, Oracle Principal Product Manager

Although utilities understand the importance of analytics, solution implementations often get deferred during enterprise asset management (EAM) upgrades or replacements due to staffing, budget, or schedule pressures. To solve that problem, we built analytics visualization into Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud Service.

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