Clinical Research

Today, clinical trial teams and sites rely on a collection of siloed point solutions and disparate data sources, creating redundancy and inefficiency. What if you could build a study once, enter data once, and do everything in one place?

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The future of clinical trials

Decentralized clinical trials (DCT)

Understanding the positive impact to both clinical data quality and the patient experience made by a shift to decentralized approaches is the first step towards the future of clinical trials.

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Digital transformation

Transformative digital strategies are needed for faster study startup to harmonize data from any source, and to streamline workflow.

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Clinical One unified platform

The only platform that truly unifies people, processes, and data to simplify and accelerate the clinical trials of today and in the future.

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Clinical trial management post-COVID

Market research conducted in 2021 provides valuable insight into the impact of adaptations made in clinical trials during the pandemic.

“Oracle Clinical One offers dashboards that give our employees and sponsors full visibility into combined data from various studies. Our service and subject matter expert partners at Oracle have provided mentoring and demonstrated how to build a database for a unique protocol. We’ve found Clinical One to be highly configurable, more so than other systems.”

Michele Fanton

Data Project Manager, FHI Clinical

Accelerate your business with Oracle’s CRO Growth Initiative

Gain efficiency and reduce costs across the entire clinical trial lifecycle

Go beyond EDC to unify data and save time

Collect data sets from any source and harmonize them in one place to draw valuable clinical insight.

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Streamline randomization and trial supply management

Take back control and shave weeks off your initial study build and ongoing midstudy changes.

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Accelerate study startup with integrated workflows

Select and activate sites in record time, while monitoring key milestones to keep budgets and timelines on track.

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Improve clinical trial operations with CTMS

Improve productivity by automating and reporting on clinical trial operations data across all study management processes.

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Uncover trial issues faster with a single source of truth

Automatically reconcile data and maintain complete traceability with one source for clinical trial data.

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Build portfolio plans you can depend on

Reduce your trial planning time by 80% and deliver accurate, on-time, and achievable forecasts based on industry benchmarks.

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