Portfolio Prioritization

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face fierce competition and constant change. Oracle can help you understand how market dynamics, clinical innovations, and competitive threats affect your products' future potential. Prioritize your pipeline and align your portfolio with your business strategy to set the foundation for success.

Portfolio prioritization solutions

Knowledge of market characteristics

Oracle helps you anticipate and manage opportunities and challenges within your target market. Our experienced team can assess your organization’s portfolio to identify strengths, weaknesses, redundancies, and gaps.

Competitive analysis

We don’t limit our assessment to your own product portfolio. We also evaluate the competitive landscape, accounting for current and potential competitors, market dynamics, and market access.

Commercial portfolio guidance

We can help you understand commercial opportunities to accurately forecast product sales and value assets. Make confident decisions with guidance from our clinical, epidemiology, access, and forecasting experts.

A diverse team with a proven track record

Our interdisciplinary team has experience with thousands of disease states, collaborating seamlessly to help you assess your pipeline and optimize your portfolio.

Oncological and therapeutic expertise

We have a particular focus in oncology and specialty therapeutics, with more than 100 oncology specialists on our team—many with a commercial pharmaceutical background—and more than 25 years of experience.

Specialized pharmaceutical consulting

Our consultants help pharmaceutical companies anticipate commercial challenges, understand intricate market dynamics, and make informed decisions grounded in data.

Data-driven decision-making

With trusted data sources such as Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact, Oracle Life Sciences Epi Database, and Oracle EHR Real-World Data, we can help refine your product portfolio based on specific market conditions. We use a holistic approach, integrating the appropriate experts and most relevant data into the process to meet your needs.

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