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Smart Manufacturing

Oracle’s smart manufacturing solution does more just connect your shop-floor data with your manufacturing, maintenance, and planning business systems. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to contextualize the information and provide actionable insights, enabling you to predict machine failures to get ahead of maintenance, adjust production schedules, and avoid costly downtimes. With deeper insights, you can analyze productivity and efficiency, be able to instantly respond to trends, and improve quality across the board.

digital age brief thumbnail - pdf link Adapting Manufacturing for the Digital Age

Digitization is driving behaviors, expectations, and capabilities in ways thought impossible just a short time ago.

Factories of the future thumbnail - pdf link Factories of the future are here

Future factories are becoming a competitive imperative as the adoption of advanced manufacturing 4.0 technologies continue to drive efficiency, flexibility, and product innovation.

Smart Manufacturing key benefits

Improve visibility into costs, efficiency, and quality across factories

Use powerful solutions for collecting operational data in real time, gleaning insights from the data, communicating rapidly, and making holistic and collaborative decisions.

Monitor production performance and predict maintenance failure

Monitor factory efficiency to detect any unusual production behavior using predictive analytics on multiple sources of data. Provide a machine-monitoring platform to detect and predict unusual equipment behaviors and recommend the next best action to fix anticipated failures.

Make better, faster decisions with AI

Leverage machine learning to identify hidden root causes for quality, yield, and other operational issues. Use deeper insights with your experts to make faster decisions and eliminate bottlenecks in production.

Monitor quality and apply best practices training

Use quality monitoring all along the production cycle to detect quality deviations and generate predictive alerts. Run an immediate root cause analysis to identify the sources of a quality issue. Set up best practices training using real data from past quality issues.

Smart Manufacturing featured products

Oracle Fusion Cloud IoT Intelligent Applications

Predict maintenance needs and prevent unplanned downtime. Detect, analyze, and respond to IoT signals in factory settings. Enable real-time visibility of asset health, location, and utilization.

  • Monitor work-in-progress
  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Maximize product quality

Oracle Fusion Cloud Manufacturing

Streamline your global, mixed-mode manufacturing to make anything, anywhere, with an intelligent, optimized, and integrated solution powered by IoT and AI.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Maintenance

Transform your maintenance processes with an integrated and intelligent enterprise asset management system that’s written for the cloud and designed for the Internet of Things environment. Use Industry 4.0 capabilities and predictive analytics to predict asset failure, estimate reliable lifespan, and trigger prescriptive workflows to take preemptive action.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Quality Management

Drive closed-loop quality processes through design, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, and field service to ensure rapid detection and resolution of quality events. Make faster, more informed decisions and reduce risk with a predictive and connected 360-degree view of product quality across product lifecycle and supply chain processes.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Planning

Get better results faster by planning your supply chain end-to-end in the cloud. Effortlessly combine demand insights, supply constraints, and stakeholder input, and apply built-in machine learning to improve profitability while accelerating customer service.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Address the entire analytics process, from data ingestion and modeling, through data preparation and enrichment, to visualization and collaboration, without compromising security and governance. Use embedded machine learning and natural language processing technologies to help increase productivity and build an analytics-driven culture in your organization.

How the Internet of Things is making manufacturing smarter

Terri Hiskey, VP Product Marketing, Oracle

Manufacturers are getting smarter about how they run their factories by deploying a new set of tools that are boosting efficiency and adding greater agility across operations. This new breed of solutions capture data from machines, objects, and wearables, and then processes the data using intelligent applications that are the key to deploying “smart manufacturing” solutions.

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