Data Transfer

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Transfer Data Transfer Appliance securely moves terabytes or petabytes of data between on-premises data centers and the cloud. The service can reduce data migration times from weeks or months to just days, and is available for data import to the cloud.

OCI Data Transfer features

Fast, simple, and efficient

Fast data migration

Move petabyte-scale datasets to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in days instead of weeks or months.

Data transfer simplified

Use the console or Command Line Interface (CLI) to initiate the data transfer and order Data Transfer Appliance. Copy your data and ship it to Oracle, where we then import it.


There is no cost to transfer data with Oracle's data transfer service.

Scalable solution

Migrate up to 50 TB per appliance, and use multiple appliances per data transfer job, if necessary. Whether you want to migrate a few terabytes or a petabyte, data transfer can help.

Flexible options

Transfer data fast and cost effectively with multiple options. For qualified customers, we offer the option to migrate their data on secure, high-capacity, Oracle-supplied storage appliances at no cost. Customers also have an option to send their data as files on encrypted commodity disks which are then transferred by Oracle operators to designated customer Object Storage tenancy. After transfer is done, the disks are shipped backed to the customer. (note disk is only used for data import).

Data security and integrity

Security of data in transit

Data is encrypted using AES-256 cipher as you load it onto the transfer appliance. When data is transferred to Oracle Object Storage for your tenancy, Oracle uses encrypted network connections within our networks, enhancing data security. The capability helps protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Security of data at rest

All data uploaded to Oracle Cloud Object Storage is encrypted by default using AES-256 encryption, the encryption standard to safeguard data from unauthorized access.

Extra security

Customers can also encrypt their data using their own encryption keys to increase security and control of their IT environments and meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of the business.

Data integrity

Data integrity is maintained by using checksums at each stage of the data migration process to ensure data correctness.

Strong monitoring and management

Data transfer status

Use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console or the CLI to monitor the status of each data transfer.

Data upload management

Data upload summaries and verification of MD5 checksums ensure that all your data has been uploaded correctly.

Global service footprint

Service coverage

OCI Data Transfer Service is available for customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. See supported regions.





Use cases

  • Enterprise Lift and Shift

    Enterprises transitioning their on-premises application workloads to the cloud also need to move associated data so that data can be leveraged by other applications and services in the cloud.

  • Data migration from legacy storage to the cloud

    Data center changes often require transferring data from existing legacy storage to the cloud. Regardless of the amount of data involved, moving data can be a complex and challenging undertaking, especially over the public internet because of high network costs, unreliable network connectivity, long transfer times, and security concerns. To address some of these pain points, we offer easy-to-use, faster, and cost-effective options, enabling customers to transfer data through appliance-based disk transfer or disk-based data transfer.

    Overview of Data Transfer Service

  • Archive data for the long term

    Customers like in media and entertainment need huge storage, whereas customers in healthcare need to archive data due to compliance requirements. Oracle’s data transfer service makes archiving large datasets simple, secure, and cost-effective.

  • Data backup

    Back up petabyte -cale datasets when public connectivity is not feasible at scale, reliably, securely, and cost-effectively.



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers can use the Data Transfer Appliance service for free. You are only charged for Object Storage usage once the data is successfully transferred to your designated Object Storage bucket.

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