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EEI builds a better future with Oracle Cloud

Amid increasing competition at home and abroad, this Philippine construction company implemented Oracle ERP Cloud to gain detailed financial insight into its complex projects around the world.

INDUSTRY: Engineering and Construction
LOCATION: Philippines

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About the customer

Building a profitable future

One of the leading construction companies in the Philippines, EEI builds power plants, refineries, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, and a variety of other large-scale facilities and infrastructure throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Among its biggest projects is the Manila Metro Rail Transit System Line 7, a 22-kilometer elevated railway line serviced by 14 stations and a 22-kilometer highway. This project is part of the Philippine government’s ambitious program to modernize the nation’s infrastructure—and EEI is the construction subcontractor for many of these complex projects.

Founded in 1931, EEI now has more than 22,000 employees.

Our philosophy is that we’re building a better future. We aspire to provide a better life for the people living here in the Philippines as well as in the countries where we work.
Roberto Jose L. Castillo, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, EEI

Customer Story

Insights ease cost tracking

Industrial construction company EEI is playing a key role in the Philippine government’s plan to transform the country’s economy by modernizing its infrastructure.

But keeping tabs on its large-scale projects at home and throughout Asia and the Middle East was a challenge for the company, which until recently was tracking those projects in spreadsheets.

A single project could involve some 6,000 activity lines, and EEI might be managing 40 projects at once. Preparing monthly reports took weeks, and the company wasn’t able to respond quickly to problems it couldn’t see.

By implementing Oracle ERP Cloud's procurement, financial, and project management capabilities, EEI now has timely information on the costs of thousands of activities within every project. It can compare the budget to actual spend and it has visibility into the entire procurement process. It now takes EEI five minutes to run its quarterly consolidated financial statement, down from 20 days.

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Oracle Cloud ERP

EEI is now publishing its monthly financial report between the third and fifth day of the following month—two weeks faster than it could before.

With Oracle ERP Cloud, we can track the profitability of individual projects and manage costs across the company, constantly comparing the budget versus the actual spend for each activity.

Roberto Jose L. Castillo, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, EEI