Bank of Guam sees the whole customer with Oracle Cloud CX

The bank uses cross-channel data gleaned from its Oracle Cloud applications to improve customer service, personalize marketing, and boost sales.


Oracle Cloud CX offered more flexible and powerful analytics than other vendors. We gained a single platform that manages inbound inquiries across multiple channels.

Lesley-Anne Leon GuerreroSenior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer, Bank of Guam

Business challenges

Known as “The People’s Bank,” Bank of Guam was established as the first local community bank on the Western Pacific island, a territory of the US. While it is now one of the most successful banks in the region—with more than 20 branches across Guam and the Western Pacific, including Micronesia, plus one in San Francisco—it wanted to continue improving its customer service. Key to that effort is using data to understand customers better, engage with them more personally, and create a better overall banking experience.

Bank of Guam was using spreadsheets to track customer interactions—everything from phone calls to checking account balances to in-person loan applications. It lacked clear views of customers across channels.

Without better data, it was difficult to know which services customers were interested in. Lacking a unified platform, a single source of truth, Bank of Guam couldn’t create detailed customer profiles.

Transitioning to feature-rich customer-facing cloud applications was a top priority as the bank looked to maintain its reputation for providing superior service to its neighbors in the community.

Why Bank of Guam Chose Oracle

After evaluating multiple cloud application vendors, including and Microsoft, Bank of Guam chose Oracle CX to reimagine how it serves customers.

By unifying the bank’s customer service, marketing, and sales, Oracle CX is the cornerstone of its customer relationship management.

For example, the contact center is Bank of Guam’s busiest channel by far. With Oracle Service, the bank implemented a knowledge base management system, driving faster, more consistent responses to customer questions and concerns.

The bank also added Oracle Sales to win commercial customers, plus Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, part of the Oracle CX marketing suite, to expand and personalize its email outreach.

Automated reporting lets Bank of Guam measure and improve agents’ service. And because the contact center’s Oracle Service application is integrated with the bank’s Oracle Sales and marketing applications, the customer’s voice helps shape acquisition and retention.


What a difference a platform makes: Bank of Guam has boosted its satisfaction rating to 97%.

In the bank’s contact center, streamlined systems have increased agent productivity by 75%, while reducing unresolved incidents by about 90%.

During every interaction, Oracle Service gives the bank a detailed customer portrait, including the types of accounts each customer has, the customer’s use of online banking, and whether the customer has a Bank of Guam credit card.

At each touchpoint, the bank can make recommendations that offer value to the customer—and potentially bring in more revenue. For example, timely cross-selling has helped grow the bank’s credit card business.

With Oracle Eloqua, Bank of Guam sends personalized emails about new banking services and posts important updates—for instance, on bank access and health protocols when COVID-19 hit. After a customer interaction, whether online, in person, or on the phone, the bank can automatically send surveys to gather feedback.

The surveys show which other products or services customers may be interested in and didn’t know about, prompting Bank of Guam to follow up with an offer, notes Ed Barcinas, the bank’s vice president and director of customer experience.

The surveys also help identify trends at bank branches. If, say, questions about minimum checking balances are trending, the bank can address those through emails, live chat, or social media.


After deploying the end-to-end solution through a multiyear program of work as Ekulus Consulting, the Oracle CX expert team and award-winning CX partner of the year Ekulus joined Deloitte Australia in October 2020.

With the addition of Ekulus, Deloitte Australia now has end-to-end capability across the entire Oracle stack to support clients with every aspect of their digital transformation, from technology advisory to implementation to training and operations management.

Bank of Guam and Deloitte teamed to deliver a solution that is built to help the enterprise evolve and stay ready to navigate disruption.

Published:November 20, 2020