Prophecy boosts performance 1.5X by moving from AWS to Oracle

Australian software developer migrates to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance user experience.


Oracle has a good technology stack and a mature base platform. Since we already had a relationship with Oracle, we were able to explore how we could actually work together and work through from there.

Steve ChallansChief Information Security Officer, Prophecy International

Business challenges

Prophecy, a software development company listed on the Australian stock exchange, is known for its eMite and Snare flagship products. Built on .NET and Windows to analyze contact center operations, eMite integrates with mainstream contact center vendors like Genesys and Avaya to collect data. It uses analytics to manipulate and visualize the data to provide valuable feedback to businesses about their contact center effectiveness.

Snare, the other product, captures forensic information, including user logins, file access changes, and application usage. It helps companies to satisfy PCI-DSS and other security compliance requirements.

Prophecy’s infrastructure costs were its biggest challenge, considering the services it provided with its two product suites. The expense of running on AWS infrastructure was escalating because the company had been providing more services to a growing customer base.

Because Prophecy’s market is highly price sensitive, the costs associated with running cloud infrastructure became a major challenge. Also, the ability to operate with other cloud providers was a critical requirement because Prophecy’s business partners use multiple cloud vendors.

Oracle has been very good. We've had very good support from the sales and technical team. I think everyone in the environment has really worked with us as a strong partner to help us enable our ability to transform and complete the migration to Oracle Cloud.

Steve ChallansChief Information Security Officer, Prophecy International

Why Prophecy Chose Oracle

After evaluating all major cloud providers, Prophecy chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because it was mature, affordable, easy to access, and offered strong reporting mechanisms.

Oracle migrated Prophecy’s eMite to OCI, which met all of Prophecy’s requirements including compute, Windows OS, storage with encryption, and VPN connectivity to integrate with Genesys and Avaya contact center applications, which ran on other cloud providers. OCI’s global footprint enables eMite to run in a customer-preferred data center and meet in-country data residence requirements.


Prophecy was able to save between 30% and 40% by moving from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The company was also able to improve performance while providing cost-effective solutions to its customers.

With OCI, Prophecy saw a 1.5X performance improvement over its previous cloud service. In addition, with a newer OCI instance like E3 Flex with AMD CPU, the company realized a 1.7X performance improvement, along with even more cost savings.

Through a seamless migration effort, Prophecy was able to complete the migration during scheduled maintenance windows. In many cases, customers perceived no downtime at all.

Published:April 20, 2021