AI-enabled insights across the entire customer lifecycle

Does your sales team rely solely on intuition and relationship-selling techniques to close deals? If so, your territories and accounts may not be as profitable as they could be. Solutions focused on data and intelligence help sellers focus on the right deals, reduce risk, better manage long-standing accounts, lower churn, and boost lifetime value. See how new sales intelligence capabilities within Oracle Sales can help you grow and retain more revenue throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Sales intelligence for leads and opportunities

Accelerate deal velocity by alerting your sellers when leads and opportunities need attention. Make sure they have the context and insights needed to craft effective customer interactions by providing smart talking points. Built-in AI and advanced analytics remove the guesswork around what worked—and what didn’t—by analyzing historical successes and comparing those to similar, currently active leads and opportunities. Identify discrepancies between what’s happening and what should be happening, and take steps to keep current opportunities on track to close.

Sales intelligence for leads and opportunities

Close deals faster with streamlined sales processes powered by AI:

  • Focus on leads that are most likely to convert by using AI-predicted lead scoring
  • Spend less time on lead scoring and opportunity management by taking advantage of intelligence you can act on
  • Give your sellers insights they can use for better long-term sales performance
Close deals faster with streamlined sales processes powered by AI

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Pinpoint accounts with potential for new opportunities

Uncover more revenue opportunities out of each sales territory. Oracle Sales uses built-in AI and advanced analytics to intelligently track leads, opportunities, and service requests across accounts to determine which have the potential for more revenue. Sellers can easily view accounts’ engagement levels with easy-to-read ratings of high, moderate, and low. These ratings enable sellers to re-engage with accounts to look for growth opportunities and proactively scan for risk within active accounts.

  • Identify risk in active accounts
  • Surface potential opportunities that reside in dormant accounts
  • Find accounts that need attention and contact them when opportunities arise to increase customer lifetime value (CLV)
Pinpoint accounts with potential for new opportunities

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End-to-end subscription management experience

Connect the entire subscription lifecycle, including finance, operations, and customer experience (CX) solutions. New capabilities within Oracle Subscription Management include health and churn prediction reports within the Subscription 360 dashboard, self-service subscription access for customers, and real-time visibility to subscription entitlements for field service teams.

Subscription 360 dashboard with health and churn prediction

New subscription reporting and analytics capabilities provide a clear picture of account health and subscription usage and consumption. Predefined AI models predict churn probability using current and historical indicators, help sellers forecast pipeline, and identify opportunities that need corrective action.

Action-driven infolets within the sales dashboard

New, prebuilt reports within the 360-degree view dashboard help you evaluate key KPIs.

  • Renewed and churned account trends
  • Top customers and products by monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • High-frequency product upgrades and downgrades
  • Annual recurring revenue (ARR) and total contract value (TCV) by account and product
  • Average revenue by customer

Self-service subscription access

Give customers control over their subscription orders and accounts, without the help of a sales rep or customer service agent. Self-service functionality lets customers easily purchase or change a subscription.

  • Modify, upgrade/downgrade, suspend/resume, and cancel anytime through a self-service ecommerce application
  • Pay via credit card or invoice
  • Renew subscriptions at the end of the contract period
  • View all subscriptions that are created across any touchpoint, including sales, service, or ecommerce
Action-driven infolets within the sales dashboard

Subscription entitlements

Extend your subscription business across every customer touchpoint in sales, customer service, and ecommerce channels. By connecting service logistics capabilities to subscription management, field service teams have real-time visibility into which entitlements—services, rates, and discounts—are covered as part of a customer’s subscription.

Action-driven infolets within the sales dashboard


Oracle Subscription Management changes your sales model from single, one-time transactions to a relationship selling model that continuously increases value over the customer lifecycle.

  • Build a unified subscription business that connects your customer service, ecommerce, and sales channels with your logistics, supply chain, and financial solutions for a complete view of the subscription lifecycle.
  • Manage billing, usage, and entitlements from any customer touchpoint.
  • Track key indicators to understand what’s working, and take corrective action to retain more customers and boost customer lifetime value.

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