Research report: Does your CRM leave money on the table?

Does your CRM leave money on the table?

Research report: Does your CRM leave money on the table?

In this Beagle Research study, we explore the challenges sellers have faced over the last few years, how they have adapted, and what can be done to improve their situations.

How do sellers really feel about their CRM?

Roughly 33% of sellers struggle to meet their sales goals. This affects overall sales performance and begs the question: How much could sales organizations achieve if one-third of sellers were not having trouble?


spend too much time working in different technologies


have too many manual tasks that keep them from selling

More than


feel their organization lacks sales processes and/or the technologies that support them

The pandemic and the Great Resignation exposed shortcomings in modern selling

Long-standing problems and inefficiencies in most companies’ sales processes have become increasingly apparent in the current market.

Our data shows that too many sellers have problems with existing tools and technologies. While nearly a third use sales automation, they’re keen for their customer relationship management (CRM) solution to do more. They want automated assistance with activities, such as recommending content and next steps, lead qualification, initial proposal generation, and report writing. CRM systems with these capabilities will help sellers feel that they are working with automation rather than for it.

Find out if your CRM is leaving money on the table

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