Oracle Banking Digital Experience Cloud Service

Deliver immersive SaaS cloud native digital banking experiences with a persona-centric design engineered for safety, reliability, scale, sustainability, and convenience.

Provide value-driven engagement with retail, corporate, small business, and Islamic ready-to-go embedded banking experiences that are personalizable, configurable, and embellished with insights derived using generative AI.

Oracle Banking Digital Experience on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy Oracle Banking Digital Experience Cloud Service on a next-generation cloud and employ Oracle Cloud products designed for high performance, reliability, and autonomous operations.

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Oracle wins the 2021 XCelent Advanced Technology Award for corporate digital banking platforms

Oracle's digital banking platform stood out for its intuitive, persona-based dashboards and user interfaces that enable banks to conduct configuration and system maintenance with ease on a single platform.

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Rethinking the digital banking platform: An essential springboard to banking 4.X

The move to next-generation banking requires continuous innovation, continuous delivery, and a tech foundation that can enable it. For customers torn between choosing a digital banking solution or a digital banking platform, Oracle supports the journey to banking 4.X by providing the best of both worlds.

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Oracle Banking Digital Experience Cloud Service features

A future-proof digital banking platform built on Oracle’s generative AI and AI/ML capabilities to go beyond banking by embedding banking into customers’ digital lifestyles.

Retail banking engagement overview

Offer a personalized, configurable, intelligent, and visually simple relationship dashboard with dynamic design elements that leverages machine learning and the native advantage of the form factor to smartly engage customers.

Self-service originations

Facilitate self-service originations using features such as product catalogs and chatbots.

Account aggregation, personal finance, and wealth management

Provide an aggregated view of the customer’s holistic banking relationship. Leverage the generative AI framework to categorize spending, enabling insights-based personal finance management.

Lifestyle banking, digital wallet, and peer-to-peer payments

Use augmented reality–based banking snapshots to deliver a super app experience with an embedded fintech ecosystem that enables the user to book flights, cabs, hotels, and more. A secure digital wallet allows customers to pay peers via social apps and QR codes.

Islamic banking

Offer Shariah-compliant, multicurrency, inclusive finance with comprehensive coverage across accounts, term deposits, and finance. Support Islamic and conventional banking from a single platform.

Cash management

Get instant business insights with intelligent cash flow forecasting based on predicted, actual, and comparative views. Optimize operations with bulk uploads and rules-enabled reconciliation management.

Liquidity management

Gain a unified, real-time view of global liquidity structures, positions, and the underlying multicurrency accounts and balances. Provide comprehensive lifecycle support across multiple business entities through sophisticated sweeping and pooling, heatmaps, and simulation techniques.

Virtual account management

Drive business and operational efficiency with cost-optimized virtual accounts. Segregate funds notionally to simplify payments and reconciliation with real payments to and from virtual accounts. Create and manage virtual entities, accounts, and structures with the help of out-of-the-box simulations and templates.

Trade finance

Get 360-degree views for all instruments, including letters of credit, bank guarantees, and import and export bills. Automate SWIFT message handling and straight-through processing with AI/ML capabilities, enabling efficient process flows and engagement with the bank.

Supply chain finance

Enable invoice and purchase order lifecycle management, accounts payables and receivables management, rules-based reconciliation, and associated party onboarding and management on a dashboard that offers insight-driven widgets such as AI-based invoice aging reports.

Corporate lending and credit facilities

Accelerate loan origination, fulfill on-demand customer financing needs, track and manage loan drawdowns efficiently, and transition from LIBOR to risk-free rates.

Digital onboarding

Enable comprehensive onboarding of businesses with different ownership structures, including sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, and corporations with multiple stakeholders.

Smart business dashboard

Access and configure a persona-centric dashboard that delivers a 360-degree view of customer finances, with an aggregated accounts view, spend categorization, contextual insights, and analysis. Enable seamless integration of personal and small business accounts and a mobile-first view for products such as deposits, working capital loans, and corporate credit cards.

User creation and management

Assign access and account permissions when creating business users for efficient user management. Users can be assigned multiple business accounts and a single retail account.

Business servicing

Offer digital servicing for current savings and deposit accounts, credit cards, and financing options. Facilitate multiple global payment types and transaction approval workflows and seamless integration with third-party fintech solutions.

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Human-centric banking dashboards

Use passwordless authentication or two-factor authentication with biometric support. Enhance the user experience by adjusting dashboards dynamically based on usage patterns identified using machine learning and quick insights derived from embedded intelligence.

Configurable personalization

Create multiple prebuilt persona-based dashboards with the platform’s no-code experience configurator. Configure alerts and push notifications, choose dashboard themes, position widgets based on priority, and set up the information in an account snapshot.

Live interactions with customer service

Enable face-to-face interactions between customers and bank executives to assist customers during any phase of the banking journey, leveraging live video Know Your Customer, consultation, and troubleshooting with screen sharing.

Humanoid conversational and virtual digital assistants

Voice-enabled retail and corporate chatbots can provide automated responses to recursive customer queries and transactions. AI-driven auto-suggest options provide context-aware shortcuts to banking transactions.

Gain agility from the platform’s foundational capabilities

Leverage built-in generative AI and ML frameworks to embed intelligence and use the augmented reality framework to augment user experience. Relay real-time usage pattern analytics across channels to the banker.

Fine-grain control for bank business users

Configure and manage the admin dashboard with no-code tools. Give users complete control over access, identity, entitlements, and limits. Add productivity improvement tools to alert users about pending tasks and approvals.

No-code dashboard builder

Conceptualize and execute vibrant interfaces with a drag-and-drop dashboard configurator that contains useful business widgets serving retail and corporate banking. Build themes to match the bank’s branding. Set policies and define workflows and customer segments.

Support for multiple entities, brands, languages, currencies, countries, and hosts

Support multiple brands and multicountry installations from a single channel layer. Allow customers to manage their accounts across the bank’s entities. Integrate with multiple product processors and banking cores to provide a unified experience.

Seamless integration and change management

Leverage Oracle Banking Routing Hub to configure integrations across multiple domains and product processors. Integrate with cloud-based product processors such as Oracle’s retail and corporate banking cloud services to provide unified and connected experiences.

Built for scale, built for the cloud

A highly componentized architecture with a lightweight design allows banks to deploy only those components they require. Banks can scale individual features to match their usage patterns, optimizing their cloud usage to gain cost benefits.

Front-to-back integration for standalone lines of business

The platform provides ready-to-deploy front-end experiences for standalone product processors, such as those servicing originations, cash, liquidity, and virtual account management, trade finance, supply chain finance, and corporate lending.

Deploy with Oracle and third-party core systems

The platform can work as a front-end layer for multiple core systems simultaneously.

The on-premises model

Deployed across the banking spectrum, from large tier 1 banks to digital challenger banks, the on-premises model allows banks to develop custom APIs, widgets, and screens using no-code/low-code tools such as the API toolkit and the drag-and-drop-based UX toolkit.

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Why subscribe to Oracle Banking Digital Experience Cloud Service?

Deploy in a matter of weeks and employ exclusive Oracle Cloud capabilities designed for performance, reliability, and autonomous operations. Oracle helps banks meet their data sovereignty, disaster recovery, and high availability requirements, enabling them to offer reliable and personalized omnichannel digital banking experiences.

01Get quick time to value

  • Immediate provisioning
  • Out-of-the-box experiences for retail, small and midsize business, corporate, Islamic banking, and wealth channels
  • No-code experience builders and prebuilt persona-based dashboards

02Accelerate time to market

  • Support for process management, core product processors, and existing third-party system integrations with Oracle Banking Routing Hub
  • AI/ML-powered origination, engagement, and servicing

03Build a future-ready business

  • Always be on the latest version
  • Access to continuous innovation/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) and the latest tech stack designed for compliance with regulatory and technology standards

04Save early and often

  • A subscription-based OpEx model
  • Support to reduce the burden of IT management
  • Process optimization to accelerate banking

05Leverage Oracle Cloud

  • A security-first approach
  • Kubernetes-based autoscaling

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