Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management

Allocate resources more effectively with a deeper understanding of costs and profitability.

Discover Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management.

Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management

Flexible modeling

Model costs and profitability

Discover which customers, products, and other segments of your business are profitable and which are not, so you can focus where to invest resources.

Model shared services costs

Easily allocate the cost of shared services to the departments and groups that use them. No more arguments over why costs were allocated because you can see them.

Run IT like a business

Gain insight and transparency into IT costs and shared services to support better IT investment decisions.

Model tax transfer pricing

Automate tax transfer pricing between legal entities and provide an audit trail for compliance.

Model regulatory costs

Calculate and automatically document the costs for regulatory reporting. This includes price/rate negotiations, overhead rate justification, and jurisdiction profitability reporting in industries such as insurance, utilities, telecoms, and more.

Owned by the business

Build models with point and click technology

Business owners can build and maintain profitability and cost models with point-and-click actions—no scripts or coding required.

Change models easily without rebuilding

Business owners and experts can easily change assumptions, allocation methods, and more. No need to rebuild the model each time or rely on IT to do it for you.

Flexible allocations

Combine financial with other data

Combine financial data with operational metrics and business drivers from anywhere. There is no need to limit calculations to data found only in your ERP system.

Calculate complex resource allocations

Relationships between departments and their use of shared resources can be complicated. Easily model resources that are used by different parts of the company.

View allocation details easily

ERP and custom-built solutions often have programmed allocations that you cannot see or are difficult to understand. Our model allocations have easy-to-read cost and profit traceability maps.

Run validation reports

View step-by-step validation reports to ensure costs and profits have been fully allocated and are going where you want them to go.

Expand and change models as your business grows

As you acquire businesses or expand products and services, you can easily update your models with new segments or dimensions to represent the changes.

Experience cloud-based security

Feel comfortable using a secure, cloud-based application with role and data access rights to ensure the appropriate people have the right access.

What-if profitability and cost scenarios

Test potential business changes

Model changes like adding products, dropping them, changing delivery options, adding new customers, and other opportunities to optimize profitability anytime. There is no danger of changing your systems of record.

Assess potential regulatory changes

Model the impact of possible tax or tariff changes and justify the resulting rate changes or cost increases.

Change drivers, allocation methods, and more

Understand which cost drivers, shared resource allocation methods, and relationships between cost objects can impact overall cost and profitability the most.


Review dashboards and reports

Visually analyze the most current data using dashboards you can configure.

Leverage pre-built graphs and KPIs

Access pre-built graphs for difficult queries such as profit curves, that show what is hurting or helping profitability.

Use ad hoc analysis

Choose which particular dimensions and time periods to view from multidimensional data and drill down to underlying data with Oracle Smart View for Microsoft Office.

Conduct variance analysis

Run reports from previous periods to see changes in profitability and cost over time and what caused them. Try changing cost drivers and quantities to see the impact and help optimize profitability going forward.

Support your mobile workforce

Work with models on your tablet or other mobile devices for easy access when you are not in the office.

Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management customer successes

Customers in many industries use Profitability and Cost Management to gain a deeper understanding of costs and profitability.

How Royal Bank of Scotland models what-if profitability scenarios quickly with Oracle Cloud EPM

Profitability and Cost Management Key Benefits

Understand what’s profitable and what’s not

Find out which products, services, and customers are profitable, which are not, where costs can be reduced, and where to focus resources to optimize your profitability.

Flexible modeling without relying on IT

Business owners can build and maintain flexible models themselves without having to relying on IT. Model the flow of costs and revenue through the organization.

Easily update models; no need to rebuild

Easily change cost drivers, allocation methods, and financial relationships as your business changes without having to rebuild each time.

Built-in and ad hoc reporting are available

Built-in reports confirm that your models are performing well, funds are fully allocated, traced from where they originated to where they are consumed, and the rules are automatically documented.

Prepare for changing conditions with what-if scenarios

What-if scenarios can be used to test the impact of change to the business easily and to help prepare for future or unexpected events.



Learn what's new in the latest EPM release

Review readiness material to learn what's new in your EPM cloud service and plan for quarterly updates.


Access a library of documentation

Oracle Help Center provides detailed information about our products and services with targeted solutions, getting started guides, and content for advanced use cases.

Customer community

Join a community of your peers

Cloud Customer Connect is Oracle's premier online cloud community. With more than 200,000 members, it's designed to promote peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing of best practices, product updates, and feedback.

Cloud learning

Develop your Oracle Cloud EPM skills

Oracle University provides you with free training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization’s success, all delivered in your choice of formats.

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