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Batelco Expedites its Cloud-First Journey with Oracle

Bahraini telecom leader to accelerate new service innovation to fuel growth and provide exceptional customer experiences

Austin, Texas—Sep 13, 2023

Leading Bahrain telecommunications company Batelco (part of the Beyon Group) is revamping its core IT platforms with Oracle Communications technologies and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With Oracle’s telco solutions, the company can deliver innovative new services to its customers and respond to changing market dynamics while meeting the evolving needs of its consumers and enterprise customers. Oracle Communications Consulting will lead the implementation.

Saurabh Gupta, Beyon Chief Technology Officer, said, “We need agile, reliable solutions that empower us to respond to the competition and evolving market. With Oracle Communications’ cloud native business support systems (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS), we can launch new products and services in days, not months, offer best-in-class customer experiences, and roll out product enhancements faster. These technologies will be a cornerstone of delivering on our mission of providing world-class connectivity solutions.”


Transforming services and support in the cloud

“The partnership between Batelco and Oracle embodies a shared vision to accelerate digital transformation within the telecommunications sector. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and market leadership, this collaboration will optimize our infrastructure, fortify our service offerings, and lay the foundation for future ‘Techno’ breakthroughs,” said Rashid Mohamed, Batelco General Manager Technology.

To onboard customers and roll out new services faster, Batelco will upgrade its existing Oracle Communications products to a cloud native version before moving these mission-critical telco workloads to OCI and its Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes. This will provide Batelco a fully managed and automated environment for its cloud native telco applications with unmatched performance, automated scaling, enterprise security, and the high-availability needed to manage these demanding OSS/BSS workloads.

To deliver on its relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Batelco is upgrading its Oracle Siebel CRM and will augment it with customer experience solutions to deliver an enhanced digital customer experience journey. Leveraging data and AI, the TM Forum-compliant offering will enable Batelco to create a centralized product catalogue that helps manage the complete lifecycle of its products. The solution also provides digital care with a 360-degree view of each customer to help service agents improve service KPIs and offer a new automated experience.

In addition, Batelco is moving to the latest versions of several Oracle Communications solutions. Oracle’s Cloud Scale Charging and Billing will give Batelco a proven, pre-integrated solution spanning mediation, 3G to 5G converged offline charging, billing, and end-to-end revenue management. This will enable the operator to monetize any network, service, experience, or business model, at any scale. Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration and Oracle Communications Unified Inventory and Topology will also help Batelco reach their goals by accelerating the design, delivery, and lifecycle management of 5G, fiber, and digital services. The solutions provide out-of-the-box or customized parameters in a multi-vendor network environment to improve customer experience.

Batelco will run development, non-production, and disaster recovery workloads in the OCI public cloud, with production workloads running on-premises, leveraging OCI’s carrier grade distributed cloud capabilities. This hybrid cloud environment includes Oracle Exadata Database Service to run databases with outstanding performance, availability, security, and cost effectiveness. The overall approach allows the operator to achieve the high levels of flexibility and availability it needs to provide services 24x7.

“Batelco has been a long-time Oracle collaborator and we remain committed to supporting the transformation of their critical business operations and customer experiences for this new era in connectivity,” said Jason Rutherford, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications, Applications. “The Oracle Communications applications, with reliable test, development, and disaster recovery on OCI, will not only support current mobile and fixed services but also can help drive additional revenue-generating services, from enterprise offerings to future technologies enabled by 5G and IoT.”

Batelco and Oracle Communications executives will highlight the results of this collaboration during Oracle CloudWorld, September 19-21. Learn more here.

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