Big Ray’s Outfits its Business with NetSuite to Control Rugged Business Conditions

By Sam Levy, Senior Vice President Sales, Oracle NetSuite—Jul 7, 2022
Big Ray's Outfit

Big Ray’s is as Alaska as it gets.

Founded by two former servicemen in downtown Anchorage following World War II, Big Ray’s began outfitting Alaskans with surplus military cold weather gear. Back then it was known as the Army Navy Store, and it embodied the rugged resolve of Alaskans.

Today, Big Ray’s is a multi-channel retailer woven into the fabric of its community. Big Ray’s sells all-weather gear and equipment from leading brands built to withstand the toughest conditions. And while Big Ray’s caters most to the needs of Alaskans, it sells throughout the U.S. through an ecommerce store and five brick-and-mortar locations. Big Ray’s also offers customizable branded apparel for U.S. businesses, a fast-growing business segment for the company.


Bogged Down by Legacy Systems

As Big Ray’s has expanded to new markets within Alaska, its private label and corporate outfitting segments have become some if its most lucrative. To support these growing segments, and its expanding portfolio of products and manufacturing partners, Big Ray’s needed to replace its legacy business systems.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past 75+ years and I think we’ve used our technology very well to this point,” said Jesse Glamann, owner & EVP of operations, Big Ray’s. “As we continued to expand our business, our ERP system began holding us back with constant maintenance and workarounds and no single source of the truth for our data. To run more efficiently, we needed a system that could unify our data so we could have complete visibility into our business.”


Equipping the Business with NetSuite

After evaluating several systems including Microsoft Dynamics and Epicor, Big Ray’s selected Oracle NetSuite.

With NetSuite, Big Ray’s will be able to manage its financials, inventory and order management, point-of-sale, and ecommerce processes on a single system. By integrating all of its core functions, Big Ray’s will be able to improve business insights, increase agility, and enhance the customer experience. Additionally, NetSuite will help Big Ray’s increase efficiencies by automating cumbersome manual processes that include printing and mailing invoices, calling customers for payment information, and web updates.

“While most of the other systems we reviewed solved our current problems, they did not solve our problems five years from now,” said Glamann. “We feel strongly that NetSuite is an investment in our future. I don’t know what problems we’ll face in ten years, but I feel confident we’re going to be in good shape with NetSuite.”


Ready for All Conditions

With NetSuite, the Big Ray’s team will be able to focus on more strategic endeavors as they take the next steps as a business. This will include new markets, private label brands, and corporate outfitting as the team adapts and scales business operations.

“NetSuite will help us better align our organization so that we’re not at the mercy of our system,” said Glamann. “This is an important next step in our journey and we are confident NetSuite will help us achieve our ambitious business goals.”