Celebrating HR Heroes Around the World

By Juergen Lindner, SVP, SaaS Global Marketing Leader, OracleJune 28, 2022
HR Heroes

As the pandemic disrupted workers across every industry, organizations around the world turned to their HR leaders to help weather the storm. And HR leaders have risen to the challenge, working tirelessly to ensure employees could stay productive, happy and safe.

In addition to the ever-evolving work environments, employee needs and values are continuously changing. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a renewed focus on skills, wellness and mental health, diversity and inclusion, and overall employee experience.

To recognize the hard work of the HR teams who navigate a world of change to help their organizations emerge stronger than ever, we created the Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Awards.

I’m honored to congratulate the following companies and partners for their HR accomplishments:

  • The “Adapt Award” for creating a flexible and agile work environment: Poste Italiane
    • This award recognizes an organization that has created flexible options for work-life balance, allowing its employees to be both present at home and productive in the workplace. This organization has adapted its workplace flexibility to ensure long-term success for its employees.
  • The “Cultivate Award” for thoughtful focus and design of the employee experience: Hunt Consolidated, Inc.
    • This award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated a commitment to understanding the entire journey of an employee’s career—from the moment they are hired, throughout their career growth, and through the many life-changing events that happen along the way. This organization provides an employee experience that is supportive, intuitive, and tailored to each person at every phase of their personal and professional life.
  • The “Engage Award” for creating a workplace with equal opportunities and a sense of belonging: Fortive Corporation
    • This award recognizes an organization that has prioritized efforts in engaging people of different backgrounds while listening to the unique voices of their employees. It has created goals that are shared, discussed, and made visible to all. This organization is leading the way by providing equal opportunities and attracting the best talent from a deep and diverse workforce.
  • The “Innovate Award” for demonstrating a new and remarkable vision for the future of work: The Co-op
    • This award recognizes an organization that is finding creative ways to help its business and people be resilient, flexible, and well-positioned for the future. Using technology like the Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, this organization is changing the future of work with greater automation, productivity, and efficiency.
  • The “Shift Award” for helping to accelerate a move to a modern cloud HCM: Nationwide Building Society
    • This award recognizes an organization that realized the need to replace legacy technology to help improve the lives of its employees and strengthen the business. This organization quickly pivoted to a unified HCM system and has seen benefits like reduced complexity, increased visibility, and easier collaboration.
  • The “Thrive Award” for putting employee health, safety, and well-being first: Norwegian Refugee Council
    • This award recognizes an organization that is exceptionally focused on helping its people thrive in the workplace by designing enhanced safety protocols, providing access to mental health resources, and developing new tools to manage overall well-being. 
  • The “Game Changer Award” for HCM Service Delivery Partner of the Year: Deloitte Consulting LLP
    • This award recognizes a service delivery partner that has changed the game for our customers by helping them pivot to a unified and complete HCM system. This partner has helped implement Oracle Cloud HCM, allowing organizations to rapidly realize benefits like reduced complexity and increased visibility while improving their employee experience.
  • The “Visionary Award” for HCM ISV Partner of the Year: WorkForce Software, LLC
    • This award recognizes an ISV partner that is changing the way customers work—enabling greater automation, productivity, and efficiency with technology such as the Cloud, AI, and machine learning. This award celebrates the most innovative solution that complemented Oracle Cloud HCM and transformed the customer experience.

These organizations represent the very best in HR, and the future of the industry. We applaud you!

For additional information on the Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Award winners, please click here.